4 Things You Need to Know If You’re Considering a Hair Transplant

02/21/2018 by

Each year, more people discover the benefits of getting a hair transplant. If you’re thinking about taking that step yourself, you’re in good company. Hair transplants can turn back the clock on your appearance, increase your confidence, open up new opportunities at work, and make you more attractive. If you think getting a hair transplant … Continue reading 4 Things You Need to Know If You’re Considering a Hair Transplant

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11/13/2017 by

If you are on a diet and losing weight, you are doing something really good for yourself. You deserve a lot of credit for taking care of your health. But here’s one for the “no good deed goes unpunished” file: Dieting can sometimes cause hair loss. How does that happen, and what can you do … Continue reading Can Dieting Make You Lose Your Hair?

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08/07/2017 by

You’re about to get a hair transplant. That’s exciting! You’re going to have a whole new look. Imagine feeling and looking your absolute best and how that is going to change your life. For the best hair transplant results, you should prepare yourself beforehand. Your hair transplant surgeon will give you instructions, so be sure to follow … Continue reading How to Prepare for Your Hair Transplant!

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07/14/2017 by

A hair transplant can change your life, giving you a renewed sense of confidence to go along with your new, youthful appearance. If you are considering a hair transplant, make sure to get accurate information. There are a lot of rumors and myths floating around that just aren’t true. It would be a shame to … Continue reading Common Myths about Hair Transplants That Just Aren’t True!  

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06/26/2017 by

When you think about someone losing their hair, who comes to mind? You’re probably thinking of a middle-aged or older person. But not someone in their teens or twenties, right?   Guess again. An increasing number of millennials and teenagers are losing their hair — and are as shocked and unhappy about it as you … Continue reading Why Are Millennials Getting Hair Transplants?  

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05/16/2017 by

How important is it for a man to have a full head of hair? Very important, according to science. A study from the John Hopkins Medical School found that guys who had male pattern baldness were more attractive after getting hair transplants and also gained other advantages that could help them both socially and at … Continue reading Will a Hair Transplant Make You Sexier and More Successful? Science Says Yes!  

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