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Why Are Millennials Getting Hair Transplants?  

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When you think about someone losing their hair, who comes to mind? You’re probably thinking of a middle-aged or older person. But not someone in their teens or twenties, right?
Guess again. An increasing number of millennials and teenagers are losing their hair — and are as shocked and unhappy about it as you would expect.
What’s going on? Why would a young person under 30 years old start to lose his or her hair at such an early age? The culprit, in large part, seems to be stress.
Stressed-Out Millennials Are Losing Their Hair
Millennials are stressed out. They worry a lot, especially about money. Their physical and mental health is strongly impacted by the stress they feel — more so than their elders in the Gen X, Boomer, and Mature generations.
All that stress is not good for their hairlines. Stress can cause hair loss in multiple ways. It can put hair follicles into a resting state, which causes hair to fall out. Or it can contribute to an immune reaction that makes their bodies attack their own follicles. There is even a disorder in which individuals become so stressed that they pull out their own hair.
Whatever the cause, we are seeing an increase in the number of young people who have problems with hair loss — something they were not expecting to have to deal with so young.
What can they do?
Millennials Are Flocking to Hair Transplant Clinics
Hair loss is traumatic for a young person. And millennials are likely to spot any sign of hair loss quickly, given how often they see images of themselves online in selfies and group shots posted on social media.
Going bald wreaks havoc with the self-image of someone in his or her teens or twenties. They want the most effective solution, which is why hair transplants have become the treatment of choice for people as young as 16.
Getting a Hair Transplant in New York
If you are in the New York area and are experiencing thinning hair or hair loss, the Metropolitan Vein and Aesthetic Center offers state-of-the art hair restoration treatments. We invite you to come in to our hair transplant clinic to discuss the advanced treatment options that are available today. Give us a call at 914-295-2202 and set up an appointment at one of our convenient treatment centers in Manhattan, Yonkers, and Queens.

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