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Will a Hair Transplant Make You Sexier and More Successful? Science Says Yes!  

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How important is it for a man to have a full head of hair? Very important, according to science. A study from the John Hopkins Medical School found that guys who had male pattern baldness were more attractive after getting hair transplants and also gained other advantages that could help them both socially and at work.

Study Shows Men Rate Higher After Hair Transplants
In the study, the researchers used before-and-after pictures of men who had hair transplants. Study participants, who were split about 50/50 between men and women, rated the pictures. The participants said the guys in the pictures not only looked more attractive after their transplants, but they also looked younger, more approachable, and more successful. The researchers pointed out that all four of these factors play a “substantial role” in success in the workplace and socially — and that men scored higher on all of them after their transplants.
So science has backed up what we all already suspected. If you’re losing your hair and you want to make more money and appear more attractive, then having thicker, fuller hair can help you.

The Best Hair Transplant Clinic in New York
The Metropolitan Vein and Aesthetic Center in New York offers the latest, state-of-the-art hair transplant technologies. Our high-tech treatment options are tailored to meet your individual goals. Our physician and highly trained technicians work with you to get you exactly the natural look that you want.

NeoGraft Hair Transplantation System
One exciting new option for hair transplants is the NeoGraft System. This high-tech, minimally invasive treatment involves moving individual hair follicles to where you need them. The results look incredibly natural, and the procedure itself is a breeze, with a short recovery time and no embarrassing scars or stitches.

Follicular Unit Hair Transplant
Another option Metropolitan Vein and Aesthetic Center offers is the follicular unit transplant. This procedure works great even for men who have already lost a lot of hair. Like the NeoGraft System, recovery time is quick for the follicular unit treatment. You’ll be back at work the next day.

Are you ready to find out more about how you can look more attractive, younger, and more successful? Call the Metropolitan Vein and Aesthetic Center today at 914-295-2202 to find out more about New York’s best cutting-edge hair transplant treatments.

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