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Can Lifestyle Changes Help to Prevent and Manage Spider Veins?

According to the Office on Women’s Health, spider veins affect more than half of all women across the world. Although spider veins are usually harmless, many people feel self-conscious about the way they appear. To help you prevent spider veins or manage the ones you already have, the Metropolitan Vein and Aesthetic Center has some tips.

What Are Spider Veins? Understanding Why They Form

Spider veins are damaged blood vessels right under your skin that can be blue, red, or purple. They typically appear on your legs or face, though having them anywhere is possible. For the majority of people, spider veins are harmless and pose a cosmetic issue more than a health one.

Most people don’t have symptoms, but others can experience:

  • Itching
  • Cramping
  • Burning
  • Legs that feel tired

Spider veins form when small blood vessels right under your skin weaken and expand. The cause of spider veins is not always clear, but injury, trauma, hormonal changes, and connective tissue disease all appear to lead to their development.

You may be more at risk of developing spider veins if you:

  • Are obese
  • Stand or sit for long periods
  • Spend a lot of time in the sun
  • Use hormonal birth control
  • Smoke

Have close biological family members who have spider veins

Pregnant women are also more likely to develop spider veins because of both the weight gain and the hormonal changes associated with the process.

Lifestyle Changes for Treatment and Management of Spider Veins

If you want to prevent the development of spider veins or manage them if you already have them, the following lifestyle changes can help.

Exercise Regularly

If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, you are more likely to develop spider veins. Exercise improves blood flow to your legs and helps keep veins healthy.

If you sit or stand for long periods, make an effort to move regularly. Movement makes a difference, even if you just stand up and walk around for a few moments. This can also help to prevent fluid from pooling in your legs, and it aids in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Carrying extra weight puts pressure on your veins and your entire circulatory system, forcing your heart to work harder. By losing some weight, you can take a lot of the pressure off and prevent the development of spider veins while also helping to improve your overall health.

Lower Your Sodium Intake

Too much sodium in your diet increases fluid retention, elevating your blood pressure. Elevated blood pressure negatively impacts vein health, potentially leading veins to weaken.

Wear Compression Socks

Compression socks help improve circulation in your lower legs while reducing fluid buildup that can put pressure on your veins. Compression socks work by putting controlled pressure on the leg, with the most pressure present at the ankle. This pressure helps blood flow up the legs and back to the heart.

Adjust Leg Positions

When you sit for long periods, it can help to keep adjusting your leg positions. Avoid crossing your legs to prevent the formation of spider veins — instead, sit with both feet flat on the floor. Raising your feet while you’re sitting is another way of relieving pressure on your legs.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Stick to a healthy diet that helps to maintain vein health. Add foods rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, including spinach, broccoli, citrus fruits, and strawberries. You also want to eat foods rich in fiber because they can help reduce the amount of cholesterol in your bloodstream. Make sure to drink lots of water, too.

Wear Sun Protection

The blood vessels located right under your skin are more likely to get damaged by ultraviolet light from the sun. By wearing sunscreen and protective clothing, you can prevent these blood vessels from weakening. This is especially important if you want to avoid developing spider veins in your face.

Managing Spider Veins: How We Can Help

If you have spider veins already, there are treatments available that can help. At Metropolitan Vein and Aesthetic Center, we offer sclerotherapy

to help with spider veins and varicose veins. During this minimally invasive procedure, we inject a solution into your veins, causing them to close off. Over time, the vein disappears.

With our team of experts ready to offer the assistance you need, you’ll be in good hands at Metropolitan Vein and Aesthetic Center. Get help today by scheduling a consultation with our team.

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