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MiraDry Clinic in New York – Hyperhidrosis Treatment

What is the MiraDry Treatment?

Are you self-conscious about lifting your arms due to excess sweating? 

Have you ever been too embarrassed to give hugs, or be in a hot environment due to the excessive sweat and odor coming from your underarms? 

You are not alone.

Nearly 40 million people in the United States suffer from excessive underarm sweating. Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with this inconvenient and embarrassing situation any longer. 

The MiraDry procedure is a revolutionary FDA-approved hyperhidrosis treatment that permanently decreases underarm sweat in as little as one treatment (two treatments may be necessary for maximum results).

Antiperspirants and Botox can be effective in temporarily blocking sweat glands, but they may not be a permanent fix. MiraDry is different from Botox and antiperspirants because it lasts forever.

If you are tired of suffering from excessive sweating, give the MiraDry treatment a try.

What is Hyperhidrosis / Excessive Sweating?

Patients in New York City who stopped hyperhidrosis (underarm excessive sweat) with Miradry treatment procedure

Hyperhidrosis is otherwise known as excessive sweating. Nearly 2%-3% of Americans suffer from excessive underarm sweating and/or excessive sweating of the palms and feet. This disorder commonly begins in adolescence, and if it is not treated, it can continue throughout a person’s life. 

Excessive sweating can negatively affect confidence, relationships, and your overall ability to interact in social situations comfortably.

Medicated deodorants are available over the counter or by prescription, but many people with this condition find little relief in these antiperspirants. This can be especially true for people living in New York City since much of a New Yorkers’ life is spent walking outside or in a hot subway. 

This is why many people have made the decision to ask their doctor about the MiraDry treatment

What Causes Hyperhidrosis / Excess Sweating?

For some, sweating may be triggered by high temperatures or changes in mood, but excessive sweating during these conditions is rare.

People who have hyperhidrosis tend to sweat all the time, regardless of the temperature or how they feel.

This can lead to discomfort, embarrassment, and unwanted odor. In some cases, hyperhidrosis may be caused by an underlying issue, such as a neurologic or infectious disease. 

Treat Hyperhidrosis and Stop Excessive Sweating with MiraDry Treatment

Many patients have been impressed with the results of MiraDry procedure in NYC. In fact, a recent study has shown Mira Dry procedures to be an effective long-term treatment option for more than 90% of people. 

The treatment works by destroying sweat glands located under the armpits and has been shown to reduce underarm sweating and odor by more than 80%. Currently, it has not been approved for any other area on the body other than the underarms. 

Isn’t Sweating Good for Your Body?

In short, yes. 

Sweating is absolutely necessary for your body as it helps to keep your body cool and comfortable by regulating your internal temperature.

However, your body has more than 4 million sweat glands that are used to achieve this goal. Your underarms have less than 2% of those sweat glands and will not negatively affect your body’s ability to sweat and regulate temperature.

MiraDry procedure only helps to stop excessive underarm sweat. Furthermore, when you try a MiraDry procedure in New York City, you do not have to worry about it causing increased sweating in other parts of your body.

The non surgical treatment simply removes a small percentage of sweat glands under your arms. Your body doesn’t need to overcompensate for this.

How Does MiraDry Work?

Unlike other procedures that can be invasive, painful, and cause a plethora of side effects, the MiraDry procedure is a nonsurgical and rather simple solution for patients who suffer from excessive underarm sweating. When undergoing a treatment of MiraDay in New York City, thermal energy is used to target and destroy both odor and sweat glands that are in your underarms.

Within one to two hyperhidrosis treatments, these odor-causing glands are permanently shut down. This means that you do not have to worry about them growing back or becoming a problem again. This makes the MiraDry treatment a permanent solution to excessive underarm sweat.

MiraDry works by using a device to deliver controlled electromagnetic energy beneath the skin to target specific sweat glands. This energy effectively destroys the sweat glands without damaging the top layer of skin. By eliminating the sweat glands, MiraDry is able to permanently stop you from sweating.

woman receiving a treatment with miradry in NYC

Preparing for Your MiraDry Procedure

Preparing for your Miradry procedures appointment is easy.

Three days before your treatment begins, it is recommended that you shave your underarms. When you arrive for your treatment, there should be a small amount of hair growth, which will help the MiraDry specialist identify the underarm area that needs to be treated.

If you forget to shave at least three days before your appointment, you may want to speak with your doctor about your appointment. On the day of the treatment, you should wear a shirt with loose armholes that can be easily cleaned. 

During the treatment, it is advised that men wear a tank top or no shirt at all and for women to wear a tank top, sports bra, or camisole. 

What Will Your MiraDry NYC Treatments Be Like?

You should expect your appointment to last approximately 60 to 90 minutes. Many clients like to bring headphones and their phones to listen to music during the treatment to help pass the time. 

The MiraDry specialist will use a handheld device to apply electromagnetic energy to destroy most of the sweat and odor glands under your arms.

Before the treatment begins, your doctor will apply local anesthesia to your underarms so you will experience very little to no pain during the treatment. 

However, you may feel a slight pinching/pulling feeling and minor discomfort (occasional brief “hot spots”).

After the treatment has concluded, you may experience swelling, redness, and mild pain in the treated areas of the skin, but the overall side effects of the MiraDry procedure should be minimal.

Tips for Recovery after MiraDry Hyperhidrosis Treatments

Recovering from MiraDry can take anywhere between a few days to two weeks. After your appointment for MiraDry has concluded, you should notice an immediate underarm sweat reduction.

However, you may also notice that your underarms may be red and you might experience light to mild swelling. They may also be numb for a few hours following the hyperhidrosis treatment.

Numbness may also be experienced in your arms after the treatment. Listed below are some tips to follow a few days after your MiraDry procedure: 

  • Ice the treated area immediately after the hyperhidrosis treatment (ensure that the ice is wrapped to avoid frostbite). Use ice as long as there is swelling prevalent. 
  • Keep your underarms clean by washing them with gentle liquid soap and water. 
  • Wear loose-fitting shirts that allow your underarms to breathe for a few days.
  • Do not shave or use deodorant and/or antiperspirant on the treated area for a few days afterward.
  • Stay away from exercise or any other activity that would normally cause you to become sweaty.
  • Take all prescribed oral medications to reduce the amount of swelling and discomfort.
  • Apply prescribed or OTC antibiotic ointments regularly to the treated area.

How Long Does a MiraDry Treatment Last?

MiraDry is not a temporary solution to excessive underarm sweating. It is a permanent one. Since the treatment totally destroys targeted underarms and other areas of sweat and odor glands, they do not grow back.

You can expect to experience relief from overly sweaty underarms for a long time to come. Depending on the severity of your hypohidrosis, your doctor may recommend two appointments instead of one.   

Experiencing Hyperhidrosis? Schedule Your Consultation Today!

Are you tired of excessive underarm sweat? 

Not only can it make life uncomfortable, but it can also ruin relationships, clothes, business deals, and your confidence. If you are one of the millions of Americans suffering from excessively sweaty underarms, or hyperhidrosis, you know the impact this can have on your life. 

Fortunately, there is a permanent solution.

With a satisfaction rate of more than 90%, MiraDry treatments in NYC is a one-of-a-kind non-invasive & non surgical treatment option for patients who suffer from overly active sweat and odor glands in their underarms. Not only is it effective, but the results are also permanent. 

Learn more about MiraDry therapy at New York Metropolitan & Aesthetic Center by scheduling your consultation today.

Financing Available

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MiraDry procedure is not covered by insurance, but New York Metro Vein offers assistance and financing options.

Frequently Asked Questions About MiraDry® Treatment

What is MiraDry®?

MiraDry® is a non-invasive treatment that uses thermal energy to target and eliminate sweat and odor glands in the underarm area.

How does MiraDry® work?

MiraDry® works by delivering controlled thermal energy to the underarm area, effectively destroying sweat and odor glands. Once these glands are eliminated, they do not grow back, making the results permanent.

Is MiraDry® treatment painful?

Most patients experience minimal discomfort during the MiraDry® procedure. Local anesthesia is typically used to numb the underarm area before treatment to ensure comfort.

How long does a MiraDry® session take?

A typical MiraDry® session lasts about one hour. This can vary slightly depending on the individual.

What is the recovery time after MiraDry® treatment?

Most patients can return to normal activities immediately after the procedure. However, it’s common to experience some swelling, soreness, or redness in the treated area for a few days post-treatment.

How many MiraDry® treatments will I need?

Many patients achieve their desired results after just one treatment. However, depending on the severity of underarm sweating, some may require a second session.

Are there any side effects of MiraDry®?

The most common side effects include temporary swelling, soreness, and redness in the treated area. Tingling and numbness may also occur but typically resolve within a few weeks.

Is MiraDry® safe?

Yes, MiraDry® is FDA-cleared and has been used safely in thousands of treatments worldwide.

Who is a good candidate for MiraDry®?

MiraDry® is suitable for individuals who suffer from excessive underarm sweating and are seeking a permanent solution. It’s recommended for adults who are in good health.

Can MiraDry® be used to treat sweating in other body areas?

Currently, MiraDry® is only FDA-cleared for use in the underarm area.

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