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4 Things You Need to Know If You’re Considering a Hair Transplant

Each year, more people discover the benefits of getting a hair transplant. If you’re thinking about taking that step yourself, you’re in good company. Hair transplants can turn back the clock on your appearance, increase your confidence, open up new opportunities at work, and make you more attractive. If you think getting a hair transplant is something you might want to do, there are four things you should know:

1. Today’s hair transplants are much better than the transplants of the past
The transplant procedures available now are not your grandfather’s transplants! New technology and medical advances provide natural-looking results. Forget about the “plugs” used a generation ago. The procedures to look for now are the Neograft system and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technology.

2. Be aware of hair restoration scams
Hair transplant procedures performed by qualified professionals work. But you have to be careful because there are a lot of scams out there. Marketers will promise the moon, trying to get you to believe they can sell you something in a bottle that will make your hair grow again, when what they are selling is worthless.

Swallowing vitamins and herbal supplements won’t restore your hair. Neither will rubbing anything onto your scalp, with the exception of Rogaine, as described below.

3. Propecia or Rogaine may help
Finasteride (sold under the brand names Propecia and Proscar) is a prescription pill that may help men regrow hair. It works by blocking a male hormone, and it’s not safe for women to use. Minoxidil (sold as Rogaine) is an over-the-counter topical solution or foam that may help men with male pattern baldness and women with thinning hair. Why it works is not known. Both medications have advantages and disadvantages.

Sometimes people use either Propecia or Rogaine in combination with a hair transplant procedure. If this interests you, get medical advice to see if it’s a good solution for your particular needs.

4. Start by talking to a professional
If you’ve been thinking about getting a hair transplant, the first step is to talk to a qualified, experienced professional. Dr. Adam Goldman and his team at the Metropolitan Vein and Aesthetic Center are the people to talk to you if you are considering a hair transplant in NYC. Call us at 914-295-2202 for a free consultation. We’re glad to answer your questions!

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