How to Manage Excessive Sweating With MiraDry

02/12/2021 by

Hyperhidrosis is characterized by excessive sweating of the face, hands, feet, and underarms. This excessive sweating is not dictated by temperature or stress, which generally increases sweating in any person. Someone struggling with hyperhidrosis sweats all the time, regardless of their situation or emotional state. This condition can not only be embarrassing or uncomfortable, but … Continue reading How to Manage Excessive Sweating With MiraDry

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12/25/2020 by

Excessive sweat can be a considerable burden, especially if it tends to happen at the most inopportune moments. The majority of people tend to sweat during a hot day, intense exercise, or even a nerve-wracking situation like a job interview or presentation. However, some people tend to experience heavy sweating even in normal everyday situations … Continue reading What Treatment is Best for Hyperhidrosis?

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04/06/2020 by

Sweating when you don’t intend to can make for a very stressful situation. This is especially true if you’ve got an event to go to, and it makes you rethink your wardrobe before stepping out the door. Most of us don’t sweat through our clothing when we arm ourselves with antiperspirants, but for the select … Continue reading What’s Normal Sweating and What’s Actually Hyperhidrosis

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02/17/2020 by

For anyone who deals with excess sweating, it can be a major cause of concern in your daily life. You have to consider what to wear, what not to wear, and how best to avoid anyone from noticing your excessive sweating issue. It’s a source of frustration and embarrassment, and anyone dealing with excess sweating … Continue reading How to Stop Excessive Sweating Known as Hyperhidrosis

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