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How to Stop Excessive Sweating Known as Hyperhidrosis

For anyone who deals with excess sweating, it can be a major cause of concern in your daily life. You have to consider what to wear, what not to wear, and how best to avoid anyone from noticing your excessive sweating issue.

It’s a source of frustration and embarrassment, and anyone dealing with excess sweating just hopes to find a cure. 

Thankfully we live in an age that offers treatments for excess sweating. You can now say goodbye to excessive sweating with treatments like Botox and MiraDry

What is the Difference Between Botox and MiraDry for Excess Sweating?

While many people think Botox injections are simply for treating fine lines and wrinkles, these injectables actually have a wide range of use, including the prevention of excess sweating. Botox injections can temporarily paralyze the sweat glands under the arms to prevent excess sweating. 

However,  just like with those Botox face treatments, results are only temporary. At best, Botox injections for excess sweating only lasts approximately four to six months as your body naturally metabolizes the compound chemicals.

For longer-lasting treatment options for excess sweating, there is a more permanent treatment option available that has given individuals the ability to put their excess sweating woes behind them. 

Miradry is ideal for those who are experiencing excessive sweating and looking for a way to rid themselves of it for the long term. The Miradry treatment works to stop hyperhidrosis (AKA excess sweating) by way of an energy-based, non-surgical treatment.

How the MiraDry Treatment Process Works

Prior to having a MiraDry treatment performed, the armpits are carefully numbed with an anesthetic. During the treatment, a handheld device emits energy through the skin, which works to penetrate and destroy the sweat glands. 

The treatment itself typically lasts up to one hour, and most patients report little discomfort associated. For both treatment options, no downtime is required.

Which Treatment Option for Excess Sweating is Right for You?

Keep in mind why you are having your treatment for excess sweating done in the first place. Are you wanting to rid yourself of hyperhidrosis for good—or only temporarily?

With MiraDry, most patients see immediate results with up to 80% reduction in their excess sweating issues. Some may choose to do a second MiraDry treatment option to achieve maximum results.

Don’t let your excess sweating prevent you from living the life you want to live any longer. Our licensed professionals are happy to meet with you to discuss treatment plans so that you can live a life not ruled by excess sweat.

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