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What Treatment is Best for Hyperhidrosis?

Excessive sweat can be a considerable burden, especially if it tends to happen at the most inopportune moments. The majority of people tend to sweat during a hot day, intense exercise, or even a nerve-wracking situation like a job interview or presentation. However, some people tend to experience heavy sweating even in normal everyday situations when they are sedentary; a condition called hyperhidrosis. This is typically caused by your diet contents, certain medications, medical conditions, or even a genetic predisposition to over-productive sweat glands.

If your excessive sweating is caused by anything other than your genetics, it’s referred to as secondary hyperhidrosis, while excessive sweating that you inherited from your parents is called primary hyperhidrosis. Whichever condition you suffer from, you’ve probably done a good deal of research as to how to improve your situation and prevent heavy sweating. Using antiperspirant can help a good deal, but it won’t be able to fix the root of the problem. In order to reduce your sweating for good, most people will choose between BOTOX injections and MiraDry.

MiraDry vs. BOTOX: What’s the Difference?

The BOTOX treatment for hyperhidrosis works similarly to cosmetic BOTOX. The injections take place in the armpits and block the nerve signals that connect to the sweat glands. Therefore, when the brain sends an alert to your sweat glands to start working, the glands will be unaffected and not respond. These injections only take around 30 minutes to complete and are relatively painless due to the anesthetic that’s applied topically to the area.

In comparison, MiraDry is an entirely non-surgical option for hyperhidrosis treatment that is based upon the transmission of microwave energy. After the armpits are treated with an anesthetic, your technician uses a handheld device to apply microwave energy to the armpit areas, effectively destroying the sweat glands. Though MiraDry takes around an hour to complete instead of BOTOX’s 30 minutes, both require minimal discomfort and no downtime.

MiraDry and BOTOX are both FDA approved and completely safe. However, some recipients of both treatments have reported temporary swelling in the armpit area as well as some numbness.

Which Treatment Yields Better Results?

According to studies, most patients that receive BOTOX for hyperhidrosis notice a sweat decrease of over 50% and even as high as 80% in some cases. Studies for MiraDry have yielded similar results, even slightly better, with most patients seeing an 80% reduction in sweat within three months post-treatment.

Recipients of BOTOX for hyperhidrosis can typically expect the treatment to last between four and six months. Recipients of MiraDry can expect indefinite results and usually don’t need to go back for any more treatments unless their hyperhidrosis is severe. What’s more, MiraDry offers additional benefits in addition to reduced sweat, such as the inability to produce odor and even decreased the presence of underarm hair.

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All in all, MiraDry is the superior treatment for hyperhidrosis. Though BOTOX treatments typically cost slightly less than MiraDry treatments, patients will save money in the long run as they won’t have to go back for additional treatments after receiving MiraDry.

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