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How to Manage Excessive Sweating With MiraDry

Hyperhidrosis is characterized by excessive sweating of the face, hands, feet, and underarms. This excessive sweating is not dictated by temperature or stress, which generally increases sweating in any person. Someone struggling with hyperhidrosis sweats all the time, regardless of their situation or emotional state.

This condition can not only be embarrassing or uncomfortable, but it can also have detrimental effects on a person’s mental wellbeing, personal relationships, or even career-related activities.

Managing Hyperhidrosis on a Daily Basis

There are a few ways people with hyperhidrosis can manage their symptoms:

  • Avoid spending time outside in the heat or eating spicy foods.
  • Use antiperspirants consistently throughout the day.
  • Apply an antiperspirant with aluminum chloride to the armpits, feet, and hands at night to block sweat glands.
  • Avoid clothing made of synthetic material.
  • Avoid clothing that fits close to the body, particularly around the armpits.
  • Use an antibacterial soap with triclosan to ward off infections that can cause excessive sweating.
  • Change socks throughout the day.
  • Wear breathable, open-toed shoes.
  • Alternate shoes every day to give each pair time to dry.
  • Use anti-fungal foot powder to keep feet dry and shoes odor-free.
  • Use topical medication.

These methods can help someone suffering from hyperhidrosis. However, they are not long-term fixes. Additionally, they call for big changes in lifestyle and possible avoidance of social situations.

Don’t let your hyperhidrosis keep you away from loved ones, potential opportunities, and living your best life.

MiraDry: A Permanent Solution

Botox injections from a medical professional can help block sweat glands. But it is not always a permanent solution, and Botox can cause other health complications.

MiraDry is a non-invasive, FDA-approved treatment that permanently decreases underarm sweat in only one to two treatments with immediate results. MiraDry destroys odor and sweat glands in the underarm. By shutting these glands down permanently, you ensure they are incapable of growing back.

  • Method: The MiraDry procedure uses a device that emits controlled electromagnetic energy. It carefully shuts down targeted glands without damaging the skin.
  • Safety: Sweating is indeed crucial for your body. However, less than 2% of your sweat glands are located in your underarms. MiraDry removes only a small portion of these glands. You will still be able to regulate your temperature and expel toxins without increased sweating in other areas.
  • Procedure: Shave your underarms three days before your appointment. The hair that grows in the meantime will help a MiraDry specialist identify the right glands for the treatment. A local anesthetic will be applied along with a temporary tattoo. This tattoo allows your specialist to target specific areas during your 60 to 90-minute session.
  • Recovery: You might feel a slight pinching or hot spot during your treatment. After, you can treat it with ice and a prescribed antibiotic cream. You’ll see an immediate reduction in sweat.

Is MiraDry the Right Solution for You?

Everyone deserves to feel confident no matter the situation or season. It’s time to ditch the sweat stains for good. Schedule a consultation with our specialists at New York Metropolitan Vein & Aesthetic Center and discuss your MiraDry options!

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