Laser Skin Treatments

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Laser treatments are quickly becoming one of the hottest trends to improve skin irregularities, skin blemishes, and remove unwanted hair. Through the use of lasers, we can easily remove unwanted features without causing major damage to the surrounding tissues. 

People choose laser treatments for many reasons and having unwanted skin blemishes, irregularities, and hair removed can boost a person’s confidence and make them feel more comfortable in their skin.

These treatments can be used alone or in conjunction with other cosmetic surgeries to improve a person’s overall appearance. 

Here at New York Metro Vein, we offer laser hair removal, acne scar removal, and skin spot and discoloration removal. 

Laser Treatments for Hair Removal

It is natural for our bodies to be covered in hair, but that doesn’t mean we have to keep it there! 

With laser hair removal treatment, we can remove unwanted hair from almost any part of the body. Our laser hair removal professionals are highly trained to remove unwanted hair and give you smooth skin. 

Laser hair removal is a very popular treatment for both men and women. Not only does it remove hair that you may not want others to see, but it can actually save you time and money by eliminating the need to shave. 

Beginning with just one treatment, our lasers can remove hair and keep it from coming back by destroying the hair follicle through highly concentrated energy, stopping hair growth. Typically, a person will receive two to three treatments to remove all the hair. With each treatment, you will notice fewer hairs growing back. 

The most common areas treated for treatment include: 

  • Legs
  • Underarms
  • Arms
  • Face
  • Bikini line/Brazillian
  • Chest and Back

When you get laser hair removal through New York Metro Vein, you will no longer experience the negative side effects of removing the hair through shaving and waxing. This means no more bumps, stubble, or irritation

Acne Scar Removal

Acne scarring is common. In fact, acne is one of the most common skin issues in the U.S., occurring in both teenagers and adults. While it is most common on the face, acne can occur almost anywhere on the body due to hormonal changes, clogged pores, and reasons unknown.

Often, acne can leave behind unsightly scars that can diminish your confidence and make you more self-conscious about your appearance.

Luckily, you can use a laser treatment to laseraway the appearance of acne scarring. Because not all acne scars are the same, you will want to speak with your laser treatment specialist about what can be done about reducing their appearance.

Common types of acne scars we see include: 

  • Mild acne scars
  • Depressed acne scars
  • Keloid scars
  • Jagged scars
  • Ice-pick scars
  • Discoloration

Laser treatments for acne scars can help you achieve skin that is smoother, and more even. Speak with your NY laser treatment doctor today about what you can do about your acne scarring. 

Brown Spot and Discoloration Removal

Brown spots, also known as age spots, and other types of discoloration can leave the skin looking uneven and you feeling less confident. Spots and discoloration on the skin can be caused by a variety of things like too much sun exposure, hormones, and age. 

Now, you can reverse the damage and get clearer, more youthful-looking skin with New York Metro Vein’s laser treatments. Our innovative solutions will give you your confidence back and remove those unwanted spots and discoloration. 

During your consultation, your doctor will speak with you about your brown spots or other skin discoloration issues that you would like corrected. You will then discuss solutions available to you and what type of results you can expect from your laser treatment, as well as how many treatments you may need to get the results you desire. 

These treatments are performed in-office in as little as 15 minutes to an hour and can be done on almost any part of your body, including your face, neck, chest, arms, legs, hands, and feet. The length of treatments may depend on the size, color, and depth of the spot or discoloration you wish to have treated. 

A patient receiving laser treatments for brown spots and discoloration can expect to have little to no downtime and return to regular activities immediately after the treatment has been completed. 

Is Laser Treatment a Good Option for You?

If you have skin irregularities, blemishes, or unwanted hair, laser treatments may be a good option for you. Your first step will be to speak to a laser treatment specialist, like the one you will find at New York Metro Vein. 

Your doctor will discuss the results you desire and come up with the best course of action using available laser treatments. You and your doctor will discuss what you can expect from the treatment, and how many treatments it will take for you to get the results you desire. 

Laser treatments in NY are outpatient procedures that are done right in the office with little to no recovery time afterward. This means you can go home right after your procedure is complete. Depending on the laser treatments you receive, and which part of the body is being treated, your procedure can last anywhere between 15 minutes to two hours. 

Keep in mind that every treatment is different and results may vary. To get an accurate picture of what to expect after your laser treatment, speak to your doctor during your consultation. 

Laser Treatment Recovery

Laser treatments are typically done as an outpatient procedure so you can head home after with little recovery time. 

Once your procedure is complete, your doctor will discuss with you how you should properly care for the treated area to prevent scarring, minimize swelling, and prevent infection. Swelling and redness are common after laser procedures and can typically be treated by applying a cold compress and keeping the treated area elevated. Your doctor will be able to recommend the best course of action to deal with swelling, redness, and how to minimize the recovery. 

Most patients notice a significant difference in the treated areas and are happy with their results. If you are interested in laser treatments to get rid of skin irregularities, blemishes, and unwanted hair, contact NY Metro Vein today to schedule your laser treatment consultation. 

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