No more hiding in your clothes

Is this you or someone you know: You're at the beach or the pool with a group of your friends. They keep beckoning you to come in the water but you refuse every time, making up some excuse about wanting to get some rest. In reality, you know the only reason you don't want to go in the water is because you would have to remove your clothes, putting your excess body hair on full display in front of your friends. Metropolitan Vein and Aesthetic Center can help.

Smile for the camera

Whether your acne scars make you shy away from getting pictures taken or an unsightly mole you had removed a few years ago is making a comeback, Metropolitan Vein and Aesthetic Center has the laser treatment experience to get rid of skin marks or excess hair on your face or body that shouldn’t be there. Once Dr. Goldman discusses your laser treatment options with you, he’ll have you scheduled for a treatment as soon as possible. You’ll then be a step closer to actually enjoying having your picture taken again.


Advantages of laser treatments :

  • Hair removal
  • Brown spot discoloration
  • Acne scar removal
  • Discoloration removal


Learn more about all the advantages to receiving laser treatment.