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5 Quick Facts About HydraFacials and Why You Need One

Five reasons why you need a HydraFacial

Have you noticed how many people in New York these days are positively glowing? It may not be genetics but rather the incredibly popular, HydraFacial treatment. In fact, every 15 seconds someone, somewhere in the world is getting a HydraFacial. That’s a lot of facials! The treatment uses advanced vortex technology to deep clean and exfoliate to reveal a more hydrated and radiant looking complexion. NY HydraFacials remove the grit and congestion of city living almost instantaneously, making this an important addition to your skincare routine.

Here are five reasons why people are getting so excited about HydraFacials:

1. Satisfying and Painless Extractions

For those who love the idea of unclogging pores but hate the redness and pain of extraction procedures, HydraFacials are the answer. This painless facial uses a vacuum-like nozzle to suck deep within the pores to remove the junk, decrease the size of pores and improve the overall texture of skin. No abrasive tools or uncomfortable pinching required.

2. Men Love HydraFacials Too.

HydraFacials make people look younger and sexier. That’s something any gender can get behind. Did you know that testosterone can make skin produce too much oil? HydraFacials help mop up excess oil and make your daily skincare routine easier. Irritation from shaving and rough skin can also benefit from the hydrating effect of a HydraFacial. Enough said.

3. HydraFacials Work For Every Skin Issue.

Teenagers and adult-acne sufferers love getting HydraFacials to clear up acne. Others will appreciate the reduction of sun damage, hyperpigmentation, dark spots and uneven skin texture. Fine lines and wrinkles are also reduced with this procedure, and individuals will notice an improvement in skin’s elasticity and plumpness. This facial treatment is ideal for those who want to go makeup-free or at least have a smoother canvas for makeup!

4. Getting a HydraFacial is Probably Faster than Your Last Trip on the Subway.

A HydraFacial treatment session usually only takes 20 to 30 minutes. When’s the last time you were able to get anywhere on the subway in 20 to 30 minutes – especially on the weekend? When you’re done with your session, you’re good to go anywhere. No downtime, painful recovery or embarrassing redness. Just you and your new beautiful face going right back to what you were doing before.

5. A HydraFacial Procedure is Customizable

You can customize your HydraFacial by choosing from a wide range of optional boosters and infusions to meet your individual needs. This treatment not only sucks out impurities, revealing new skin – it also allows products to penetrate deeper and work more effectively during and after your facial. Talk to your HydraFacial technician about tailoring your treatment to your skincare concerns.

The Place that NY HydraFacial Fans Love

Are you ready to join the New Yorkers whose faces are glowing and radiant? Metropolitan Vein and Aesthetic Center is the place to go to get a HydraFacial in NY. With three convenient locations, a highly trained staff and advanced equipment and techniques, we make your NY HydraFacial experience special. Call us at 914-205-6399, or contact us online for a free consultation.

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