How Are Spider Veins and Varicose Veins Different?

11/06/2017 by

Both varicose veins and spider veins can be unattractive and distressing. Brought on by age, lack of exercise and other factors, these abnormal veins make life more difficult and less comfortable. They also generate insecurity in your appearance, which never helps on the day-to-day. If you’re hoping to deal with your varicose veins and spider … Continue reading How Are Spider Veins and Varicose Veins Different?

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04/03/2017 by

What Are Spider Veins? Spider veins are visible red or bluish blood vessels under the skin on your legs, or sometimes your face. The branching veins look a little like spiders, which is how they got their name. Why Do Many Women Get Spider Veins During Pregnancy? When you’re pregnant, you’ve got more blood flowing … Continue reading Pregnant and Suffering From Spider Veins? Here’s What You Can Do

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01/09/2017 by

During the holiday season, the party invitations are rolling into your email box and regular mailbox to attend these festive celebrations. You have the perfect outfit to rock the party scene. Yet there is just one thing holding you back. Your legs have unsightly blue and red marks running across the surface called spider veins. … Continue reading Sclerotherapy in Yonkers Helping People Deal with Spider Veins

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12/05/2016 by

When your appearance begins to change (and not to your liking), it can affect your confidence level, especially when it comes to your face. Lowered confidence in turn can change the way you interact with people, whether shying away during social engagements or trying to put your best foot forward during a job interview. For … Continue reading What Causes the Unwanted Spider Veins on My Face?

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10/10/2016 by

Spider veins may not just be a cosmetic issue, according to the State University of New York’s Upstate University Hospital. At the least, they might signal that a person who suffers from spider veins could suffer from more serious problems in the future. At worse, they could indicate a more serious health issue or cause … Continue reading Answers to 4 Common Questions About Spider Veins

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03/31/2016 by

Many people may wonder if working out when they have spider veins will help or worsen the condition. The short answer is, it depends. There are certain types of exercises that may help prevent this condition while several others can actually make it worse. The following are 3 guidelines to remember when exercising with spider … Continue reading 3 Guidelines for Exercising With Spider Veins

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