Choosing a Microblading Artist in New York


Tips for Choosing Microblading Artist

Microblading gives you the beautiful full eyebrows that you want. The results are semi-permanent, lasting from one to three years. Microblading saves you time because you can stop fussing with eyebrow make-up in the morning. Your eyebrows will be ready to go when you are!

Microblading artists are skilled technicians who know about more than just the technology of microblading. They also know how to create the most flattering eyebrow shape for your face, one that will make you feel and look your best. How do you find a great eyebrow artist in New York? You should go for a consultation and talk to the eyebrow artist before you begin treatment, so that you can be sure you are comfortable working with him or her. Here are some specific things to look for:

Your eyebrow artist should —

  • Have training from a reputable organization in the latest microblading techniques.
  • Have training in first aid and blood borne pathogens.
  • Be willing to talk to you about his or her training and experience.
  • Be willing and able to answer your questions about the procedure.
  • Be confident about his or her skills.
  • Be insured.

The treatment center where your eyebrow artist works should —

  • Be very clean.
  • Offer you a consultation before you get your treatment.
  • Take your health history before your treatment.

When you go for your microblading session, your technician/artist should —

  • Prepare the treatment room by disinfecting surfaces after the previous client leaves.
  • Change gloves often.
  • Use single-use blades that come in sealed packages.

Your eyebrow artist should also share your sense of style, as far as what you want your eyebrows to look like. Ask for photographs of the artist’s previous work so that you can see what kinds of eyebrows the artist has created.

You Will Love Your New Look

When you choose the NY microblading artist who is right for you, you will be ready to start on a wonderful adventure. In only a couple of sessions, you will have an exciting new look. Having gorgeous, full eyebrows changes the appearance of your whole face. Your friends will definitely notice, and you will radiate the confidence that comes from looking fantastic. For the best microblading in NY, call Metropolitan Vein and Aesthetic Center at 914-205-6399. We will be glad to set up a consultation and answer all of your questions. Call us today!

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