Why Are My Eyebrows Getting Thinner, and What Can I Do About It?



Eyebrows are such an important part of the way that you look. Beautiful, full, well-shaped eyebrows are a key feature of an attractive face. On the other hand, thin eyebrows can detract from the appearance of even the most beautiful woman or handsome man. Many people discover at some point in their lives that their eyebrows have started thinning out. Considering how important eyebrows are to the way people see you, it’s no wonder this is such an alarming discovery.

There is hope, however. A cutting-edge procedure called microblading is available to safely and easily give you the eyebrow appearance that you desire.

The first step is to understand why your eyebrows are thinning. There are several common causes:

Tweezing Can Destroy Your Hair Follicles

When you repeatedly tweeze the same eyebrow hairs, eventually your hair follicles can become damaged. Once that happens, that follicle will never grow hair again. And it’s not only tweezing that can kill off your hair follicles. Repeated waxing and threading can have the same effect.

Eyebrows Get Thinner As People Get Older

It’s an unfortunate fact that as we get older, the hair all over our body gradually starts to thin out, including eyebrow hair. That’s a very common reason why people’s eyebrows get thinner as they age, especially at the outer ends of the eyebrows.

Medical Issues

Even if you haven’t wrecked your follicles by tweezing, waxing, or threading, and even if you are still young enough not to have significant hair loss, you may still get thinning eyebrows because of any of several medical conditions, including:

Underactive Thyroid

People who have a condition called hypothyroidism have underactive thyroids that don’t produce enough thyroid hormone. One outcome is that they may lose hair all over their bodies, including in their eyebrows. The good news is that if the underlying thyroid condition is properly treated, the eyebrow hair should grow back.

Autoimmune Disease

Alopecia areata, an autoimmune disease, can cause eyebrow hair loss. There is unfortunately no cure for alopecia, but some medications may help with hair regrowth.

Microblading Can Give You Beautiful Eyebrows

No matter what the cause of your thinning eyebrows, microblading can give you the appearance of gorgeous, full eyebrows. To find out more about the best microblading in NY, contact Metropolitan Vein and Aesthetic Center today at 914-935-7649.

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