Eliminate the need for surgery on varicose veins

Microphlebectomy is minimally invasive. It’s a technique that is used to help eliminate unsightly, or even painful leg veins. This is typically the treatment option that is used for large surface varicose veins. These veins, because they are so large, can’t be treated with sclerotherapy. Removal of the painful veins with microphlebectomy results in less pain, quicker healing, and a better cosmetic result.

More information about the procedure

In this procedure, a special hook is used to remove the vein completely. This eliminates the chance of the vein being able to come back and cause you further problems. These tiny incisions that are made do not even require stitches because they are so small and do not typically leave scars. A compression bandage is applied, and you will be sent on your way. Microphlebectomy is sometimes combined with other treatment options so that it is highly effective.

Positive Points of Microphlebectomy

Microphlebectomy will keep varicose veins from coming back. A lot of times, insurance companies will cover this procedure so that patients can get it without owing a lot of money for their treatment.

  • Procedure often covered by insurance
  • Quick recovery, minimal pain and return to normal activities including exercise
  • Minimal scarring

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