How to Keep Your Varicose Veins from Getting Worse

08/13/2018 by

Varicose veins are common. They often first appear during pregnancy or as people get older. If you are starting to get varicose veins or have had them for a while, there are still things you can do. Several health-promoting practices may help keep your varicose veins from getting worse or, in some cases, can even prevent them … Continue reading How to Keep Your Varicose Veins from Getting Worse

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10/06/2017 by

Varicose veins are predominantly a byproduct of your genetic heritage, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take steps to prevent existing varicose veins from getting worse and forestall new ones from forming. In a nutshell, a varicose vein is a weak venous structure, which then inhibits blood from traveling up to the heart. The heart … Continue reading The Dos and Don’ts of Working Out with Varicose Veins

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07/17/2017 by

Varicose veins can feel like just another part of the aging process, but are they really something that will occur, no matter what? Does everyone get varicose veins, or are some people free from them? Just why do they develop? These are some possible causes of unsightly varicose veins and how to remedy them. Why … Continue reading Varicose Veins: Causes and Risk Factors You Need to Know  

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