Why Sclerotherapy Is the Most Effective Spider Vein Treatment

05/28/2021 by

Spider veins, named for the web-like appearance they give your legs, form when the smaller valves in your veins weaken because of pressure or other strain. They are caused by many factors and can be the result of genetics or current lifestyle choices. Some people dislike how they look, but they can damage more than … Continue reading Why Sclerotherapy Is the Most Effective Spider Vein Treatment

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04/16/2021 by

The process of pregnancy is incredible, there’s no doubt about it. Bringing a new life into the world can be a wonderful thing, and future mothers are a paragon of grace and fertile elegance.  If you’re pregnant now, that last claim probably made you roll your eyes and maybe even contributed to your near-constant nausea. … Continue reading Can You Get Sclerotherapy While Pregnant?

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12/04/2019 by

Spider veins are often something that makes our minds wander. One of the first things that we will ask ourselves is if spider veins are, in fact, unhealthy. Surely if we are getting them, there is an exact reason for it, but are spider veins actually an insight into our overall health? As we age, … Continue reading Are Spider Veins Unhealthy?

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