Is a Hair Transplant Your Best Option for Bald Spots?

03/13/2017 by

You’re dismayed seeing your hair falling down the drain as you stand in the shower and you notice more hairs come out when you comb or brush them. What’s worse, a glance in the mirror has revealed that you now have actual bald spots. Discovering that you are going bald can be disillusioning. Some people … Continue reading Is a Hair Transplant Your Best Option for Bald Spots?

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01/25/2017 by

Do you relish the cold winter days that allow you to wear a hat? Do you stand in front of the mirror looking for new ways to hide your hair loss? If so, get ready to embrace long summer days when you try the following types of products that are designed to give you healthy, … Continue reading Are you Suffering from Hair Loss? Follow these 5 Important Tips!

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10/24/2016 by

Losing your hair prematurely, whether you are a male or female, can be devastating. However, it happens quite often due to a genetic predisposition, hormone disorders, trauma, inflammation, or autoimmune disease. If you are suffering from hair loss consider the use of a hair transplant. Before you proceed, learn more about what to expect with … Continue reading Is a Hair Transplant a Minimally Invasive Procedure?

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