Top Benefits of Miradry

08/07/2020 by

If you’re a person who deals with excess sweating, all you can think about is likely finding a way for it to stop. Sweating when we don’t want to sweat is stressful, embarrassing, and 100% frustrating as it’s beyond our control. But thankfully, MiraDry can help to put an end to your excess sweating woes … Continue reading Top Benefits of Miradry

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09/27/2019 by

For anyone who deals with excessive sweating, it’s something that you may not care to admit. A hush-hush topic and major cause of stress and concern, you likely spend more time sweating and worrying if people are, in fact, seeing you perspire excessively. Hyperhidrosis—AKA excess sweating—is a medical condition that affects 2-3% of Americans today. … Continue reading What is Hyperhidrosis and What Can You Do About it?

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