Reasons for Excessive Sweating and How to Treat It

12/11/2020 by

Sweating is an extremely common phenomenon that nearly everyone deals with to some degree. Most people notice higher amounts of sweat when they’re exercising vigorously, out in the sun on a hot day, or stuck in a particularly anxiety-inducing situation. However, some people experience high amounts of sweat performing even the most mundane day-to-day tasks … Continue reading Reasons for Excessive Sweating and How to Treat It

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08/07/2020 by

If you’re a person who deals with excess sweating, all you can think about is likely finding a way for it to stop. Sweating when we don’t want to sweat is stressful, embarrassing, and 100% frustrating as it’s beyond our control. But thankfully, MiraDry can help to put an end to your excess sweating woes … Continue reading Top Benefits of Miradry

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09/27/2019 by

For anyone who deals with excessive sweating, it’s something that you may not care to admit. A hush-hush topic and major cause of stress and concern, you likely spend more time sweating and worrying if people are, in fact, seeing you perspire excessively. Hyperhidrosis—AKA excess sweating—is a medical condition that affects 2-3% of Americans today. … Continue reading What is Hyperhidrosis and What Can You Do About it?

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