What Women with Darker Skin Tones Should Know About Microblading

04/22/2019 by

Skinny pencil-thin eyebrows dominated the beauty scene in the 90s. Fortunately, beauty trends have evolved to now embrace bold, sexy brows. This demand for thick brows has saturated the market with beauty products and tools to help fill in sparse eyebrows. Pencils, powders, and waxes offer consumers the opportunity to dedicate countless hours over their … Continue reading What Women with Darker Skin Tones Should Know About Microblading

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09/06/2018 by

You’ve been hearing the buzz about microblading. You’ve been seeing the pictures of the gorgeous full eyebrows celebrities and other women have after getting the procedure done. Maybe some of your friends have already tried it. But is microblading for you? Answering these questions can help you decide: Are your eyebrows thinner than you’d like? Microblading is … Continue reading Is Microblading for You?

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07/30/2018 by

Microblading gives you the beautiful full eyebrows that you want. The results are semi-permanent, lasting from one to three years. Microblading saves you time because you can stop fussing with eyebrow make-up in the morning. Your eyebrows will be ready to go when you are! Microblading artists are skilled technicians who know about more than just the technology of … Continue reading Choosing a Microblading Artist in New York

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05/15/2018 by

New Yorkers love microblading! It’s a hassle-free way to get the full, sexy, sophisticated eyebrows that everybody wants. At the Metropolitan Vein and Aesthetic Center, skilled technicians do the work while you relax. After the procedure is over, you have an important role to play too. You should pamper your new brows to give them the time they … Continue reading What to Do After Your Microblading Procedure for Amazing Results

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10/23/2017 by

Halloween is coming up, and everyone is dressing to scare. While that’s all well and good on the spookiest holiday of the year, it’s not what you want on the day-to-day. If your brows are overplucked, undershaped, and just generally better suited to a costume party than to everyday life, it’s time you learned more … Continue reading Halloween May Be Scary, But Your Eyebrows Don’t Have to Be

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05/22/2017 by

Eyebrows are more important now than ever in fashion-conscious NYC. Beautiful, full eyebrows are not just for celebrities. They are for every woman who wants the latest trend-setting look or to enhance their natural expressiveness. The eyes, as the expression goes, are the windows to the soul — and the right eyebrows both frame and … Continue reading Microblading or Permanent Makeup: Which is Right for You?  

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