5 Tips for a Quick Recovery After a Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation

04/11/2018 by

Are you considering getting a follicular unit hair transplantation? This procedure, sometimes called a follicular unit extraction, or FUE for short, gives men a natural-looking head of hair that makes them look younger and sexier. Evidence shows that a hair transplant even helps men enjoy more success in their careers. The follicular unit hair transplantation is an outpatient … Continue reading 5 Tips for a Quick Recovery After a Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation

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08/07/2017 by

You’re about to get a hair transplant. That’s exciting! You’re going to have a whole new look. Imagine feeling and looking your absolute best and how that is going to change your life. For the best hair transplant results, you should prepare yourself beforehand. Your hair transplant surgeon will give you instructions, so be sure to follow … Continue reading How to Prepare for Your Hair Transplant!

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07/26/2016 by

Hereditary conditions, underlying medical conditions, some hair treatments and other factors can cause hair loss in men and women. Those who are at risk of losing hair or those who are already experiencing it can fight it by making some simple changes to their lifestyle. Eat Nutritious Foods Eating foods with certain nutrients can help … Continue reading Simple Lifestyle Changes to Fight Hair Loss

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07/08/2016 by

Your efforts to stay fit could be costing you big when it comes to your formerly thick head of hair. Weight lifting can be one of the major contributing causes of hair loss in its own right. When combined with the protein drinks and powders many gyms serve to help build muscles, the hair loss … Continue reading Losing Hair? Your Gym Workouts May be to Blame

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02/15/2016 by

Young people have always been concerned about their looks. But in recent years this has become more important than ever. This is likely due to social media and the never-ending posting of selfies and other types of online photos. According to the Economic Times, the director at the hair clinic, Dr. Batra’s Group, has reported a drastic … Continue reading Millennials Now Spending Thousands for Hair Transplants

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01/18/2016 by

Hairstyles are constantly changing, and one hairstyle, the man bun or top knot, seems to be causing more concern lately. According to Liz Conner, the man bun may be responsible for an increase in hair loss in men. Unfortunately, severe cases may lead to the need for a hair transplant, but understanding this phenomenon requires a … Continue reading Introducing, the Man Bun: The Latest Cause for Hair Transplants in Men

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