Simple Lifestyle Changes to Fight Hair Loss

07/26/2016 by

Hereditary conditions, underlying medical conditions, some hair treatments and other factors can cause hair loss in men and women. Those who are at risk of losing hair or those who are already experiencing it can fight it by making some simple changes to their lifestyle. Eat Nutritious Foods Eating foods with certain nutrients can help … Continue reading Simple Lifestyle Changes to Fight Hair Loss

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07/08/2016 by

Your efforts to stay fit could be costing you big when it comes to your formerly thick head of hair. Weight lifting can be one of the major contributing causes of hair loss in its own right. When combined with the protein drinks and powders many gyms serve to help build muscles, the hair loss … Continue reading Losing Hair? Your Gym Workouts May be to Blame

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05/02/2016 by

According to Charles Roberts with AmericaNews, the Wen product line is under fire and in danger of collapse. As women started sharing their horror stories of losing hair in clumps after using Wen products, the total damage toll quickly started to rise.

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