How Popsicles and a Naked Horseback Rider Led to a Fat-Loss Treatment Breakthrough

03/26/2018 by

Scientific inspiration can come from strange places. Legend has it that Sir Isaac Newton discovered gravity when an apple hit him on the head. The ancient Greek philosopher Archimedes is said to have discovered an important principle of physics when he lowered himself into a bathtub and saw the water splash out over the side. … Continue reading How Popsicles and a Naked Horseback Rider Led to a Fat-Loss Treatment Breakthrough

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11/27/2017 by

Who’s that walking down the street, her beautiful legs making heads turn as she passes by? It could be you! Take good care of your legs, and you — and everyone else — will be delighted by their beauty. And the good news is that you are in control of how your legs look. Beautiful … Continue reading How to Make Your Legs Even More Beautiful

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11/20/2017 by

Thanksgiving is a great time to enjoy having turkey on your plate. But there is never a good time for having a turkey neck! A double chin or a turkey neck can make you look older than you are, and no one wants that! Fortunately, there are ways to get rid of your turkey neck and … Continue reading Enjoy Your Thanksgiving Turkey While Losing Your Turkey Neck

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10/16/2017 by

Do you think that cosmetic procedures are just for the ladies? Think again! Men may account for less cosmetic procedures than women, but they are still interested in looking their best. In fact, male cosmetic procedures account for about 8 percent of the procedures currently being booked, and that number is growing. Here are the … Continue reading The Most Popular Cosmetic Procedures for Men

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02/09/2017 by

CoolSculpting is a revolutionary procedure for dealing with fat without the need for surgery. Those who have CoolSculpting in New York are able to walk away from the procedure and back to normal life with no down time, minimal recovery and excellent results. However, before signing up for the procedure, you should know about common … Continue reading What Should I Expect After My CoolSculpting Procedures?

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10/03/2016 by

Ah, Halloween. That special time of year when showing way more skin than is age-appropriate is totally okay. Of course, if you’re too shy about showing that skin because you don’t have the body you want, then you might not get too far on that front. The answer to wearing any costume you want? CoolSculpting … Continue reading Get the Halloween Body You Crave with CoolSculpting

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