Microblading Your Eyebrows? Here’s What You Need to Know


NY microblading

Microblading is super popular in NY these days. And, it’s no wonder. Microblading is an amazing solution to the problem of thinning eyebrows. If you’ve been spending time every day using eyebrow pencils or other makeup to make your brows appear fuller, then microblading will set you free from that daily hassle. With just a few short microblading sessions, you will have beautiful, natural-looking brows for the next one to three years.

Getting Ready for Your First Appointment

When you go in for your first session, trained microblading technicians will look at your existing eyebrows, talk to you about how you would like your eyebrows to appear, and then design the perfect new eyebrow shape for you. For best results, the technicians need to see what your eyebrows look like without any modifications. So before you go for your appointment, avoid plucking, waxing, or otherwise changing your natural brow line.

What to Do After Your Appointment

A little tender loving care for the ten days after your microblading session will get your new eyebrows off to a great start. Keep your eyebrows free of makeup or other products during that time. And if your mother ever told you, “Don’t pick at your skin,” now is the time to listen to her! Carefully follow all the instructions that the technician will give you, and if you have any questions, call the microblading center.

It’s All About You

Everyone reacts a little differently to microblading, depending on their skin type. A good microblading center will treat you as an individual, working with your unique skin. Depending on how your skin takes to the procedure, you should go for touch-up sessions every six months to a year.

Where New Yorkers Go for Microblading

The Metropolitan Vein and Aesthetic Center has three convenient locations in New York: New York City, Corona and Yonkers. Our specialists use the most innovative microblading techniques available, always customized for your individual needs. We know you are busy and can give you amazing results without the time and risk of surgery.

For the best in NY microblading, give Metropolitan Vein and Aesthetic Center a call at 914-935-7541, or email us at nymetrovein@gmail.com. You’ll love the way you look!

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