Re-contour your body shape

Problem areas are improved with the permanent removal of fat. This fat, optionally, can then transferred to other areas of the body including buttock, face and hands. There are various options, so come for a free consultation to help decide what option may be best suited for you.

Benefits of Liposculpture

There are many benefits to liposculpture. One of the biggest benefits is that local numbing is used, instead of general anesthesia. Other benefits include quick recovery with return to work within a few days and return to exercise usually within a week. There is minimal discomfort, swelling, and bruising, the results are permanent, and there are no stitches or visible scars.

Reshape your body, reshape your entire life.

Metropolitan Vein and Aesthetic Center is experienced in using Lipotransfer to enhance and shape your body. It is performed under local anesthesia at the same time as the liposuctioning of fat from the unwanted areas of your body. Alternatively, if only a small amount of fat is needed such as when transferring fat to face or hands, a more limited area of donor fat can be removed. The benefits of using the body’s own fat is avoiding use of implants or filler to improve areas of aging and enhance ones natural shape.

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