Eyebrows on Fleek: Looks You Have to See to Believe


Fleek Eyebrows 2018

Eyebrows used to be kind of boring, but not anymore. Some creative women are doing amazing things with their eyebrows, turning them from ordinary to totally insane works of art.

Crazy Eyebrow Looks on Instagram

Sophie Peterson, an 18-year-old from Denmark, is a leader of the bizarre artistic eyebrow trend. Her Instagram feed shows eyebrows as you’ve never seen them before. Sophie loves to stretch the boundaries of what can be done with makeup styles. One look, which she calls “jackpot lids,” has five dice lined up below the brow. Another, which she describes as “something heavy,” has a section of her brow plucked or shaved and hairs glued or attached with gel below, giving the illusion that a piece of her eyebrow has slid down her face.

Her “crown eyebrows” are especially popular right now. For one striking look, Sophie used gel to turn her brow into a row of spiky points, then topped each one with a purple rhinestone. This look inspired others to make their own brows, using their own variations for the materials and colors of the “crowns.”

What is Your Look?

Everyone wants amazing eyebrows. It’s the “must have” beauty necessity for 2018. What is the look for you? What makes YOUR eyebrows be on fleek?

Eyebrow styles today are fuller and more assertive than in the past. You don’t have to reach for the rhinestones, though, to have the perfect on-trend brows. A full brow in a shape that is perfect for your face is a look that you can take anywhere and know that you are looking your best.

How to Get Your Perfect Brow Look

Forget about wasting time fiddling with a pencil and powder in the morning. Everyone in New York who cares about fashion is talking about microblading, the revolutionary procedure that gives you a beautiful look without all the fuss. After a few short sessions, you will have a gorgeous new look that will last from one to three years. It couldn’t be easier!

Where to Go for Microblading in New York

For the latest in microblading techniques, Metropolitan Vein and Aesthetic Center is the place to go. Give us a call at 914-295-2202 to find out more about our NY microblading centers and what we can do for you. It’s the first step to having the on fleek eyebrows that you want!

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