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Wen Hair Loss Claims Run Rampant and Trigger Lawsuit

According to Charles Roberts with AmericaNews, the Wen product line is under fire and in danger of collapse. As women started sharing their horror stories of losing hair in clumps after using Wen products, the total damage toll quickly started to rise.

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Hair Restoration: How Thyroid Conditions Can Lead to Hair Loss

Suffering from hair loss can be a very disheartening experience for anybody. And because hair loss can be caused by a number of possible conditions, figuring out the source can be a challenge. For those dealing with unexplained hair loss, however, it may be worth questioning whether a thyroid condition could be to blame.

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Millennials Now Spending Thousands for Hair Transplants

Young people have always been concerned about their looks. But in recent years this has become more important than ever. This is likely due to social media and the never-ending posting of selfies and other types of online photos. According to the Economic Times, the director at the hair clinic, Dr. Batra’s Group, has reported a drastic… Continue reading Millennials Now Spending Thousands for Hair Transplants

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