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Why Men Should End Excessive Sweating for Good by Scheduling a MiraDry Appointment

Are you tired of having to explain to friends and coworkers that you sweat more than the average person? It can lead to uncomfortable conversations and sideways glances from those around you who don’t understand. 

Many men wish for a convenient and easy way to end situations like this. The good news is that MiraDry can help eliminate your problem for good. 

Why should you end excessive sweating with MiraDry? Learn more about this non-invasive procedure and how it can help you. 

Feel More Comfortable in Social Settings

While sweating is undoubtedly a natural part of life, many men find that excessive sweat from their underarms can be embarrassing. The prospect of explaining your profuse sweating to friends can lead to inhibition and discomfort in social settings where you otherwise might have felt entirely at ease.

An incredible 15.3 million people in the United States have a condition known as hyperhidrosis. This occurs when there is excessive sweating that cannot be tied to elevated body heat or intense exercise and can affect both men and women. 

If this describes you, then you need to schedule a MiraDry appointment to curb this unwanted problem. 

Stop Ruining Your Clothes

One of the main reasons men are interested in MiraDry is because they grow tired of ruining their favorite shirts with excessive sweating. 

Sweat causes unsightly stains in the underarm areas of your shirts, leading to yellowing or discoloration over time. Not to mention, fabric wet with sweat tends to stand out and is easily noticeable by others for its darker color. 

Even antiperspirant might not be enough to shield your clothes from harm if you have excessive underarm sweat. 

How Does MiraDry Work? 

When you are ready to put an end to excessive underarm sweat, scheduling, your first MiraDry appointment should be on your to-do list. How does this treatment work to help get rid of excessive underarm sweat and hyperhidrosis? 

This FDA-approved procedure is considered non-invasive and can effectively eliminate sweat and odor glands in the treatment area. Your medical provider will administer a local anesthetic to the underarm area before placing the MiraDry device on the skin. Using powerful suction, the device pulls sweat glands to the surface. 

Once the sweat glands are in their optimal places, heat will be applied to eliminate them entirely. After this procedure, they will never be able to grow back. As a result, most patients only require one to two sessions for a permanent end to excessive sweating. 

How effective is MiraDry? The following statistics will help you to determine whether the procedure is right for you:

  • 82% sweat reduction
  • 89% odor reduction
  • 60% hair removal

The MiraDry procedure makes a big impact on your body with proven results. 

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Men who deal with excessive sweating need a solution that works. When you are ready to put an end to excessive sweating, you need to book an appointment with Metropolitan Vein and Aesthetic Center. Give us a call today to get started!  

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