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Why Fall and Winter Are the Best Times for Laser Hair Removal

Many women rely on the effects of laser hair removal to keep them feeling confident and smooth, whether it’s at the beach in a bikini or at an upscale event in a beautiful sleeveless dress. But did you know that laser hair removal can be more or less effective based on what time of year you receive your treatments?

The fall and winter months are typically the time of year when people are covered up, not exposing their skin nearly as much as they would in spring or summer. 

Today, we’ll explore some of the reasons why fall and winter are actually the best times of year to receive laser hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal Takes Time

Laser hair removal doesn’t simply remove all of your body hair in a single session; it takes multiple sessions to safely and effectively remove hair using laser treatments, which are often staggered several weeks apart.

If you wait until the warmer months to begin your treatments, you’ll still be between sessions as you start to wear more revealing clothing, which can mean that you’ll be less confident when you should be flaunting your smooth skin!  

Fairer Skin Is Easier to Treat

When you’re receiving your laser hair removal treatment, the laser’s heat energy is focused on the dark hair that the device registers on your skin and rendering the follicle unusable to slow or stop future hair growth. 

The greater the contrast is between the shade of your skin and the color of your body hair, the more effective your laser hair removal will be.

People with more tanned skin, whether naturally or artificially, are typically discouraged from receiving laser hair removal. This is due to the fact that in order to make the treatments effective, the laser’s power must be reduced, which means that patients have to complete more sessions to obtain desired results than the average treatment protocol.

If you complete your treatments during the fall and winter, when your skin is naturally more fair from reduced sun exposure, you’ll be able to complete your treatments in a much shorter time frame.

You Might Be More Sensitive to Sun Exposure

Laser hair removal treatments often make the skin more sensitive to the sun. After receiving treatments, patients are discouraged from spending too much time outdoors for up to a month to allow the skin to heal and to prevent discoloration or skin damage.

If you wait until the spring or summer to complete your treatments, you’ll have to forego your fun in the sun for up to a month, which could significantly affect your summer plans. 

By completing your laser hair removal in the winter when your skin will be covered up anyway, you’ll be able to enter summer confident and care-free.

Get ready for summer and feel more confident in your skin than ever before with laser hair removal. Contact the team at Metropolitan Vein and Aesthetic Center to learn more.

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