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Why Do Spider Veins Tend to Return After You’ve Had Treatment?

After going through all the trouble of finding a procedure to eliminate your spider veins, having them reappear after treatment can be incredibly frustrating. This is not a product of the procedure and might not even be a problem, depending on the person. But if you experience this occurrence, here are some insights to help you understand why it’s happening.

What Are Spider Veins? 

The human body is made up of about 60,000 miles worth of veins. And every moment of every day, we have blood constantly pumping through these avenues. If pressure or stress is inflicted on a vein long enough, the vein can dilate and create a crack-like pattern on your skin similar to a spider’s web.

These are seen mostly on the legs, usually on the thigh or near the calf. Sometimes they cause aches or dry, rashy skin. Even if they don’t have any physical symptoms, some people choose elective procedures to erase spider veins for cosmetic reasons.

So why would spider veins come back, even after treatment?


It might be hard to tell, but if spider veins pop up again after sclerotherapy, they aren’t the same veins you got rid of. The whole thing comes down to genetics. If you are prone to getting spider veins no matter your lifestyle, even after treatment there’s a strong possibility of new marks developing.

They can also be a product of what’s happening in your life. As you get older, or if you experience a sudden hormonal shift as a result of something like pregnancy, spider veins are likely to develop. If that’s the case, let’s talk about ways to combat this returning condition.

Preventing Spider Veins

There are things you can do to prevent the further growth of spider veins. You can make sure you’re staying active, as living a sedentary lifestyle can slow circulation and damage your veins. It’s helpful to get up and move at least once every two hours to ensure proper blood flow.

Staying healthy is also integral to reducing the stress on your veins that causes varicose and spider veins. You can adjust your diet to include more Vitamin C and E, two nutrients that increase vein health and flexibility. Also, by managing your weight through healthy eating you can take some of the strain off your vascular system.

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All of this can help prevent more spider veins from developing, but if you’d like to get rid of the ones that have already appeared you should consider going through another round of sclerotherapy. It worked for the old veins, so it’s likely to work for the new ones as well.

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