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Why Consistency Is Such an Important Part of Your Weight Loss Plan

People have trouble losing weight for a variety of reasons, some of which are both in and out of their control. Whatever the issue may be, one key misstep most people make while trying to lose weight is having a lack of consistency.

We’ve all been there. You decide to change your life for the better, instill some healthy habits, and lose some extra weight in the process. For the first few days, you’re so excited about your new goal that it feels easy to eat healthy and well-balanced meals, turn down your favorite unhealthy snacks, and include some moderate to strenuous exercise in your routine.

However, after a few days, things start to become difficult. Hitting the gym or going for a run suddenly seems like a chore, and your comfort food cravings become harder to ignore. At this point, many people make one slip-up—such as skipping one workout or eating one treat meal—and decide to give up on their weight loss journey entirely. 

Why Consistency Beats Perfection Every Time 

It’s easy to become discouraged and give up on losing weight after making one or two mistakes. Many people believe that if they can’t perfectly stick to every goal, such as hitting every single workout and never eating dessert, they simply can’t lose weight. Feelings of discouragement and failure cause people to think they should just give up entirely.

One of the biggest enforcers of this façade of perfection is social media. Since most people only share their successes and proud moments on their social media pages, it’s easy to believe that the people you follow are always motivated to work out and never eat something that could be deemed “unhealthy.”

However, this idea of perfection when it comes to weight loss is not feasible. When people demand physical perfection of themselves, they often experience obsession over bodyweight and self-image that can be highly damaging to their mental health and cause injuries due to overtraining. Therefore, it’s much better for your mental and physical health and your weight loss efforts to practice consistency and pursue progress, not perfection. 

What Does Consistency Look Like? 

At its core, consistency looks like getting right back on track when you fall off instead of falling off and staying off. The next time you accidentally overeat or eat something that doesn’t align with your weight loss goals, don’t just give up. Instead, forgive yourself and make your next meal a healthy one. The next time you’re too tired to exercise, follow the same principle: stay positive and make tomorrow’s workout great. 

Everyone slips up in their weight loss journey at times. You’ll see much more success if you remain consistent despite your setbacks and make the decision to be patient with your body. Healthy weight loss takes time, so don’t be discouraged if your body doesn’t transform in the first few weeks. Be patient, practice consistency, enjoy your life, and your weight loss results will start appearing.

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