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5 Things You Should Know About Getting a Hair Transplant

Here's what you should know about hair transplants.

Thinking of getting a hair transplant? Good idea! The hair transplant technology available today gives you a natural, youthful look. Studies show that men with hair transplants look younger, sexier, and more successful. However, men are not alone. Women also experience hair loss which can ruin self-confidence. Consulting with a hair transplant clinic may be the next step to restoring your hair and self-esteem.

Here are five things you should know before getting a hair transplant:

1. Choosing the Right Procedure for Your Lifestyle.

There are two kinds of transplant procedures — NeoGraft (also called “FUE,” which stands for follicular unit extraction), and Follicular Unit Transplant (also called “FUT”).

If you get a NeoGraft transplant, you won’t have any visible scars. This can be beneficial if you plan to wear your hair short as individual hair follicles are planted in balding areas. With the Follicular Unit Transplant, you may have a scar in the area where your hair was removed for grafts. However, the Follicular Unit Transplant typically involves a faster recovery time and less treatment sessions.

2. A Hair Transplant Won’t Make You Grow New Hair.

When you get a hair transplant, hair is moved from the back or sides of your scalp and placed in areas where you need it more. While the transplant won’t cause new hair to grow, hair replanted in those area will remain permanent.

3. You Won’t See the Results Right Away.

After you get a transplant, the new hair will actually fall out. This is totally normal. The roots of your transplanted hair will remain in your scalp. In three months, you’ll start to see hair growing out of your grafts. In roughly nine months to one year, you will see the full effects and your patience will be rewarded.

4. One Transplant Procedure is Usually Enough.

Unless you are almost totally bald, you may only have to go for a single transplant procedure. Your hair transplant clinic can also transplant a large amount of hair follicle grafts at one time to reduce additional sessions.

5. You Might Need to Take a Few Days Off Work.

The procedure itself is done in a day, but you may need some time to take it easy to protect your new hair grafts depending on which treatment you choose. Your hair transplant clinic will explain what works best with your lifestyle and provide a personalized after-care plan.

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