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What Can You Do About Veiny Hands?


If you’ve been noticing that the veins in your hands have started bulging, that can be very upsetting. These visible veins create an unsightly look that can make you appear older. You might feel self-conscious and you might even feel like you need to hide your hands. Fortunately, there are minimally invasive treatments available that can get rid of the ugly veins and make your hands beautiful again.

What Causes Veiny Hands?

Bulging hand veins are common. They are usually caused by a combination of having a genetic predisposition to bulging veins combined with the passage of time. As we get older, our skin gets thinner, which makes the veins in our hands appear more prominent. Bulging hand veins can also be caused by weight loss and hormone imbalances. They can even be caused temporarily by hot weather.

Laser Vein Treatment for Veiny Hands

Medical progress has enabled doctors to eliminate veins using the energy of light. Bursts of laser beams applied to the inside of the bulging veins make the veins close, then gradually disappear. If you choose this option, your recovery time will be short, and your hands will look fantastic. No needles are used, so if you’re someone who doesn’t like needles, this could be a good option for you.

Sclerotherapy for Veiny Hands

Another option for treating veiny hands is sclerotherapy. This is a time-tested procedure that is very effective. Your doctor will inject a solution into the bulging veins in your hands. The veins will close up and over time will fade away until you won’t be able to see them at all. You will see the difference in about three to six weeks.

Which Procedure is Best for You?

We are lucky to be living in a time where we have many treatment options available to us. To select the procedure that is best suited to your individual needs, you should talk to an experienced and skilled vein treatment doctor. Here at Metropolitan Vein and Aesthetics, we offer the highest-quality treatments designed individually for every patient. To find out more about laser veins treatment or sclerotherapy in Yonkers, Manhattan, or Queens, please call us at 914-295-2202.

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