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Varicose Vein Removal — It’s Not Just for Women!

varicose vein removal

Many people believe that only women have problems with varicose veins. But that’s not true! Men can suffer from varicose veins too. In fact, according to the National Institutes of Health, one quarter of all varicose vein sufferers are men.

Why Men Should Get Varicose Veins Removed

If you are a man with varicose veins, there is something you should know. Varicose vein removal has come a long way in recent years. New high-tech procedures make varicose vein removal quick and in many cases, pain free.

In the past, it took major surgery to remove the veins. Now, high-tech solutions have made vein removal a minimally invasive procedure. Lasers, ultrasound, and radio waves are among the advanced tools that are available right now for your benefit.

Varicose vein removal can make you look younger and healthier. But getting rid of varicose veins is a good idea for reasons that go beyond your appearance. Varicose veins left untreated can be painful, cause swelling, or even lead to other health problems. And with vein removal being so easy and fast these days, there’s no good reason not to get it done.

Lasers and Radio Frequency Energy

Treatments using lasers or radio frequency energy provide an excellent way to treat men’s vein disease by closing off the veins. After the problem veins are closed off, your healthy veins will take over. This is a fast outpatient procedure that will usually enable you to be back doing all your regular activities the next day.


If you are a man with large varicose veins near the surface of your skin, microphlebectomy may be the best treatment for you. This technique involves a tiny incision that is so small you won’t even need stitches, and permanently removes the problematic veins. This procedure is likely to be covered by insurance.


For varicose veins that are not so large, sclerotherapy is a good treatment choice. This treatment involves injecting a solution directly into the problem veins. This is an effective treatment with a very quick recovery time.

To find out which varicose vein removal treatment is best for you, call the Metropolitan Vein and Aesthetic Center today at 914-295-2202 to find out more about the most innovative treatments in New York.

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