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The Most Popular Cosmetic Procedures for Men

cosmetic procedures men

Do you think that cosmetic procedures are just for the ladies? Think again! Men may account for less cosmetic procedures than women, but they are still interested in looking their best. In fact, male cosmetic procedures account for about 8 percent of the procedures currently being booked, and that number is growing. Here are the top procedures most men are considering as they strive to look their best and feel their most confident.

Procedures for the Hair

Having too much or too little hair are both considered problematic for the modern male. For men who have problems with baldness, hair transplant surgery is one of the more common options considered. For those with too much hair, laser hair removal is the go-to treatment option. Other hair procedures exist, but these two are by far the most popular.

Wrinkle Reduction

Wrinkles are considered a sign of maturity, but too many wrinkles may show a bit too much maturity for a man’s liking. Botox and similar injection procedures help reduce the appearance of the lines and wrinkles on the face, without requiring surgery.

Fat Reduction

While men are less likely to go for a full tummy tuck or liposuction procedure than women, many are choosing fat reduction treatments, like CoolSculpting, to reduce their problem areas. This is particularly true about those men who work out regularly, but still have stubborn fat deposits. These procedures destroy the fat cells, which are then processed and eliminated by the body, leaving the area becomes more trimmed and toned. The chin area and the abdomen are two of the more popular areas with men.

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