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The Benefits of MiraDry Beyond Sweat Reduction

If you sweat excessively, you may feel self-conscious and even hesitate to wear certain types of clothes. One effective treatment option is MiraDry, a non-surgical choice that helps reduce sweat in the underarm area. MiraDry offers many benefits that go beyond sweat reduction, however. Learn more about this treatment and what it offers.

Understanding How MiraDry Works

MiraDry is a procedure that delivers electromagnetic energy to the sweat glands under your arms, permanently eliminating them. The treatment can do this by heating the glands without damaging your skin. It’s only appropriate for underarm glands, so you are not eligible if you sweat excessively on your hands or feet.

Since the glands in this area only make up a small amount of your overall sweat glands, removing them does not impact your body’s ability to cool.

MiraDry is a good option if you need to constantly reapply antiperspirant, have to change your clothes throughout the day because of sweat stains, or if sweating interferes with your daily life. It may not be a good choice if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have an active infection.

Benefits of MiraDry You May Not Know About

MiraDry is effective at reducing underarm sweat but offers many other benefits that will make your life easier.

It’s a Non-Invasive Procedure

You don’t have to worry about a long preparation or recovery time. By being non-invasive, MiraDry is an option for more people because dealing with general anesthesia is not a concern.

As soon as you get MiraDry, you can return to most of your normal activities.

It Addresses Underarm Odor

Sweat doesn’t smell, so where does underarm odor come from? It occurs when bacteria in the area mix with the sweat. Although sweat is only part of the equation in causing underarm odor, reducing or eliminating the moisture under your arms can also reduce the bacteria found there.

MiraDry addresses underarm odor by targeting the sweat glands under your arms that make odor a problem. For many who get this procedure, wearing deodorant is no longer necessary. That saves you time and money.

It Protects Clothes

Sweat can stain your clothes permanently, especially if they are made of lighter materials. When you get MiraDry, you can start wearing your favorite outfits without fear of dealing with the chalky white residue sweat leaves on darker clothes or the dark stains it leaves on lighter ones. Wear what you like without stress.

It Offers Quick and Reliable Results

Most people start seeing the benefits of this procedure immediately after their treatment session. After a day or two, some minimal sweating may return. At your consultation, we offer information on the timeline you can expect after the procedure.

Once the sweat glands under your arms are gone, they don’t return, so treatment is permanent — and the results can occur with just one session.

It Encourages New Confidence

If you have lived with excessive underarm sweating for years, you may be used to feeling self-conscious throughout the day as you sweat more. Just raising your arms may feel impossibly embarrassing. When you get the MiraDry procedure, you can get rid of that self-consciousness to start enjoying your life.

It Provides Underarm Hair Reduction

Although MiraDry doesn’t focus on offering hair reduction in the underarm area, it still has the potential to provide that benefit. Because MiraDry uses thermal energy to destroy sweat glands, the hair follicles that sit over these glands can also receive damage. Not all of them will fall out, but you’ll likely see a reduction.

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You don’t have to live worrying about whether you will sweat through a shirt. Having the chance to inhibit the sweat glands under your arms allows for fast and permanent results, and that’s what MiraDry can do for you.

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