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Summertime Skincare: 3 Things to Change in Your Routine

Summer is creeping on the horizon, and that means we need to make some changes to our regular skincare routine. The chilly winter (and spring!) can leave our skin feeling deprived, while warm summer sun basks us in its Vitamin-D-enriched glow and brings us Earth’s natural moisturizer, humidity.

As the seasons transition, here are some important factors to consider when prepping for your summertime skincare routine.

Lighten Up on Heavy Moisturizers

The lack of humidity in the air and the frigid temperatures in winter had us reaching for that heavy night cream and cleansers. But as the temperature rises, we should avoid suffocating our skin with heavy moisturizers. If you’re using a thick, deep cleanser to wash your face, now might be the perfect time to swap it out for something gentle and light instead. 

Your skin is your body’s biggest organ, and it needs to breathe properly to flourish. If you go too heavy on the moisturizer, this can invite clogged pores and blemishes. Take inventory of what you’re using on your skin during the warmer months and make sure you’re giving your skin the chance it needs to breathe. 

Less is More When it Comes to Summer Skincare

Vitamin D does wonders for our skin, but it’s crucial that we protect it from the sun’s harmful rays. The skin on your face, specifically around your eyes, is the thinnest and most sensitive of all the skin on your entire body. 

Be sure that you are protecting your face with a proper SPF, and try and find one that doubles as a moisturizer, too. There are many highly-recommended products on the market to protect your face from the sun while moisturizing it simultaneously.

Serums and Exfoliation Are Your Friends

When swapping out winter skincare for summer skincare, two things that need to be incorporated are a good vitamin C serum and weekly exfoliation. Vitamin C serums are great for giving you a healthy glow and brightening your skin, but be mindful of the amount you’re using if you’re prone to breakouts. For exfoliation, it’s good to rid your skin of the build-up from sunscreen and sweat at least once a week.

Want to Step up Your Summer Glow? Consider Facial Treatments

Ready to take your skincare a step further? Laser facial treatments can help with discoloration, acne scarring, and more. The HydraFacial can help with dullness, wrinkles, and texture concerns. While microdermabrasion can really boost your exfoliation and cell-turnover results.

Learn how to brighten your skin and get a healthy glow, without the sun’s harmful rays! Consult with our licensed skincare specialists to learn more about our facial treatment options.

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