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Pre-Summer miraDry Treatments: Planning for a Sweat-Free Season

As the summer approaches, you may be thinking about getting your body beach-ready, but you could also be fearing one thing: excess sweat. People who suffer from hyperhidrosis, a condition that leads to excessive sweating, can have an even more difficult time managing the condition in summer.

At Metropolitan Vein and Aesthetic Center, we offer miraDry treatments to help you manage this level of sweating so you can enjoy all of your favorite summer activities without worry. Learn more about how miraDry can help.

Understanding Hyperhidrosis

People who have hyperhidrosis produce more sweat than is necessary to regulate body temperature. You may even experience sweating when you’re cold or at random moments.

Although the main symptom of hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating, you can also experience:

  • Damp clothing
  • Fluid dripping from your forehead or cheeks
  • Itching
  • Inflammation
  • Body odor

Some people have symptoms that come and go, while others deal with the condition constantly. You can experience sweating in your hands, feet, armpits, lower back, and genitals.

Overactive glands cause hyperhidrosis. Your eccrine glands create sweat, the process activating when you exercise or when you’re nervous. If your eccrine glands overwork, they create sweat even when it’s not necessary.

Stress, exercise, and heat can all trigger your sweat glands, as can spicy, fatty, or salty foods. Alcohol and caffeine also affect hyperhidrosis symptoms.

How miraDry Can Help

Until recently, the only ways of managing hyperhidrosis were to use wipes, prescription deodorants, and even Botox. Now, however, you can turn to miraDry for help.

miraDry is an FDA-approved treatment option that works to address excessive underarm sweating. It functions by applying electromagnetic energy in precise doses to the area. This triggers a process in your body called thermolysis.

Thermolysis utilizes heat to eliminate the targeted sweat glands. You don’t have to worry about the procedure causing any discomfort because miraDry relies on special technology that provides a cooling sensation for the surface of your skin.

Along with helping to eliminate excessive sweat, miraDry can also be useful in getting rid of excess hair and odor glands. Because miraDry doesn’t rely on color contrast to function, it’s an effective option for most people.

miraDry treatments are non-invasive, which means you don’t have to do a lot to prepare for the procedure, and you don’t have to worry about a long recovery process.

miraDry Treatments: Preparation and Procedure

The first thing you have to do is reach out for a consultation. During this consultation, the provider will ask you a bit about your medical history and any medications you take. Most people make good candidates for miraDry, but an examination is also part of the process. Remember that the miraDry procedure only works on the underarm area.

You will want to shave the underarm area about four to six days before the procedure. The day before, you want to shower but not apply any deodorant. Wear loose clothing to the appointment so the provider has easy access to the treatment site.

The procedure will last about one hour. Your provider will apply a local anesthetic to numb the area. They may also apply a temporary tattoo to identify the exact spot for the treatment. Your provider will then pass the miraDry device over the area, directing radiofrequency pulses to the sweat glands.

miraDry Aftercare

It’s a good idea to ice the treatment site and use anti-inflammatory medications to help reduce swelling. You can continue this over the next few days. Don’t shave or apply antiperspirant. If you do start using antiperspirant again, make sure it’s a new product.

Wait a few days before engaging in strenuous exercise, and wear loose clothing to avoid irritating the treatment area. You can keep the site clean using gentle liquid soap. Your provider may also recommend the use of topical antibiotic products.

Get Ready for Summer With miraDry

If you hesitate to go outside when it’s hot because of worries about excessive sweating, miraDry treatment can help. This non-invasive treatment option offers the chance to remove the sweat glands under your arms that are working more than they should be. The treatment also helps with the removal of hair and odor in your armpits.

There’s no reason why you should be dreading summer outings, even if you have hyperhidrosis. At Metropolitan Vein and Aesthetic Center, we offer the help you need for a variety of aesthetic concerns. Contact us today to learn more about miraDry and all of the other services we offer.

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