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Liposculpture Offers Women a Way to Remove Excess Fat in the Calves

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Women with thicker calves sometimes have trouble wearing certain types of footwear, such as boots. This “boot bulge” can make it difficult for women to wear higher boots. Some women who want to be able to pull on a pair of knee-high boots and wear comfortably are having liposculpture done to remove excess fat in their calves.

Liposculpture is a fat removal technique that gets rid of extra fat in certain parts of the body. This procedure is similar to liposuction, but it is able to remove fat in smaller areas, including the calves, rather than the stomach and other larger parts of the body. Liposculpture is generally considered safe, although taking excess fat from smaller areas can be challenging. Women who wish to have this procedure done should meet with a skilled cosmetic surgeon for a consultation to help determine whether or not they are good candidates.

While this procedure is effective at removing extra fat, not everyone is able to have it done. Women who have thicker calves due to muscle rather than fat, for example, cannot have liposculpture done on this part of the body. This procedure can only be done where there is extra fat to remove, not muscle. Those who do have thicker calves due to muscle can ask their cosmetic surgeon about other types of cosmetic procedures that can make their calves appear more slender.

Women who undergo liposculpture for their calves receive a local anesthetic to numb the area and to minimize swelling and bleeding. This procedure is designed to provide women with more precise results than liposuction, so those who have it performed can expect to have thinner calves depending on how much excess fat is removed. It can also be used to define calf muscles better for a more toned look, although it does not involve removing muscle in order to make calves thinner.

If you are thinking of having liposculpture done to remove excess fat in your calves, please contact Metropolitan Vein and Aesthetic Center to schedule a consultation with a trusted cosmetic surgeon. Visit us on the web or call us at 914-295-2202 for more information on our procedures.

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