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Spider veins are often something that makes our minds wander. One of the first things that we will ask ourselves is if spider veins are, in fact, unhealthy. Surely if we are getting them, there is an exact reason for it, but are spider veins actually an insight into our overall health? As we age, our health begins to change.

For many people, spider veins are one of those things due to poor circulation and restriction of the regular flow of blood in our body. Here we will take a look at the exact cause of spider veins and if they should be a cause of concern or a red flag to the state of your general health.

What Exactly Causes Spider Veins?

When spider veins appear on our body, they are close to the surface of the skin and often look as if they are small bluish or red spider webs on our skin’s surface. They don’t usually cause physical discomfort, but mentally it can be very frustrating to us as no one welcomes their appearance. When blood flows normally throughout our bodies, these tiny pathways go undisturbed as the valves pump the blood flow in and out effectively. But when the small valves become constricted and the blood pools near the skin surface, tiny spider veins will start to form.

While anyone is subject to the onset of spider veins, there are those of us who are at higher risk of developing them. People who have a family history of spider veins are at higher risk, as well as those who are obese, have recently undergone changes in hormone levels (pregnancy, for example), or recently sustained trauma. Spider veins are also most common in individuals ages 30 and up.

What Do Spider Veins Tell Us About Your Health?

The technical term for spider veins is known as “venous insufficiency” in the medical world. Spider veins are damaged veins that often appear on our legs, but they can also show on the face or other areas of the body. For those which occur in the legs, they are an indication that the affected area is home to veins that have stopped functioning properly. For individuals who spend extended hours on their feet or sitting, this can directly affect the adequate blood flow in the area and result in spider veins. Essentially, spider veins are brought on by poor circulation to a specific area of the body’s blood flow.

For those spider veins that are on the face, they often come as a result of sun damage or increased pressure to the delicate veins which are found in this region of our bodies. Many of these causes of spider veins are simply a natural and normal part of the unforgiving aging process. But should any of your spider veins be causing your pain or physical discomfort, this is something you should address immediately with your primary care physician. 

What Are Spider Vein Treatment Options Available to me?

Unlike smile lines, which many of us wear proudly, thanks to years of good times and fond memories, spider veins are something we generally look to disguise. For those in search of proven spider vein treatment methods, there are some excellent methods for ridding yourself of these embarrassing veins with the help of a trusted and experienced vein specialist.

If you’re ready to discover just how easy it is to say bye-bye to your spider veins, please contact us to schedule your consultation for your spider vein treatment options today. It took us a lifetime to earn them, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised just how simple it is to say goodbye to those spider veins with our expertise.

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