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Is Your Birth Control to Blame for Your Varicose Veins?

For many women, birth control is a simple necessity to prevent unwanted pregnancy. However, there are a few consequences that many might not realize. While most of the side-effects that can come with taking birth control are more well known, such as weight gain and mood changes, some side-effects are less talked about. One example is the development of varicose veins. 

If you are a woman taking oral contraception and you also suffer from varicose veins, the two may be linked together.

Birth Control and Varicose Veins: What You Should Know

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it’s estimated that approximately 70% of females between the ages of 15 and 50 take some form of contraception. This number equates to nearly 72 million women in America.

Keep in mind, the odds of you developing varicose veins directly as a result of your birth control are rather low, and we are not suggesting that you ditch your monthly prescription of contraception over the fear of developing varicose veins. 

If you do happen to develop varicose veins, whether it is due to added hormones, or through natural development, you should know there are safe and effective forms of vein treatment that are minimally invasive.

Additionally, many women who take birth control already have varicose veins on their body which can worsen, or they develop varicose veins from long hours of sitting or standing. Most varicose veins are not a direct result of taking birth control.

Why Varicose Veins Can be Brought on by Birth Control

It is possible that your birth control can put you at a higher risk for developing varicose veins, but why?

This can happen because of the hormones in your birth control pills that work to prevent pregnancy.  These hormones can also affect how the blood flows through your veins. 

The cause for varicose veins is a weakened vein wall and poor circulation. When these walls weaken, the blood begins to pool and swell, and this can result in those embarrassing veins that no one wants to have on their body. Thankfully, there are varicose vein treatment options available to rid you of these unsightly inconveniences.

Most birth control works due to the blend of estrogen and progestin that alters normal ovulation and “tricks” the body into thinking that it is already pregnant. By doing so, it prevents “another” pregnancy from occurring. 

However, this chemical interference in your body simultaneously slows blood flow, and, as mentioned, this can lead to a higher risk of varicose veins. 

If you are a woman currently on birth control medication and suffer from embarrassing varicose veins, don’t be alarmed. We have experienced vein specialists who can help you to rid yourself of these troublesome veins with the help of a few safe and proven, non-invasive varicose vein treatment options. Contact us today to schedule your vein treatment consultation so you can say goodbye to those veins once and for all.

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