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How to Prepare for Your CoolSculpting Appointment Right Now

While med spa treatments have been on hold for some time due to the current state of the world, now is an ideal time to plan should you be looking to have something done in the future. CoolSculpting is a wonderful method for ridding your body of excess fat in those hard to lose areas. 

However, just as you would with any other treatment, it’s always good to plan ahead. Below are some tips you can do right now to make the most of your CoolSculpting treatment, so you get maximum CoolSculpting results.

Best Tips for Preparing in the Months Ahead 

Be Sure You’re as Tight and Toned as Possible

It’s important to remind individuals that CoolSculpting is by no means a miracle treatment designed to make you lose weight. However, it is excellent at targeting stubborn fat in those hard to lose areas and eliminating it. 

Think muffin tops/love handles, upper thighs, and lower abdomen, for example. Don’t allow quarantine and safer-at-home recommendations have you reaching in your freezer for ice cream. This will only derail you from achieving maximum CoolSculpting results. And, just so you know, it takes approximately 16 weeks for the fat to fully “freeze off” and your final results to show, so keep in mind that you shouldn’t become a couch potato post-treatment either! 

Now is the time to start developing good eating habits and get into an exercise routine.

Think Hard on What Your Body Goals Are

When you’re looking to tone your body in ways that you can’t at the gym—which isn’t open anyways—it’s important to be realistic with yourself. Your treatment plan will be specifically tailored to meet your desires/needs. 

However, bear in mind that multiple treatments are likely needed to achieve maximum results with CoolSculpting. We take a comprehensive evaluation of you prior to your treatment, and our attention to detail makes us a leader for CoolSculpting in New York. 

Yes, you will see noticeable results from only a single treatment, but remember, more than one will likely be needed to grant you the results you really want.

Best Tips for Preparing Weeks Ahead for CoolSculpting

Stop Taking Any Medications That Can Thin Your Blood

At least one week before your CoolSculpting treatment, you will be asked to stop the usage of any medications or supplements which thin your blood. This is because these can put you more at risk of bruising post-treatment. Consult with your primary care physician prior to stopping any prescription medications which you take on a daily basis as a heed of caution.

Some other quick tips include limiting sun exposure to desired treatment areas and stop smoking. 

Best Tips for Preparing in the Days Ahead 

Find Something to Occupy Your Mind During Treatment

For CoolSculpting in New York, our office offers patients a professional and comfortable setting that will naturally help your mind to feel at ease during treatment. Your average session will last approximately thirty minutes, so it might be good to bring along some headphones to listen to music or a podcast while your treatment is being performed.

Some quick tips for the day of treatment include wearing loose-fitting clothing, packing spare clothing, and not arriving on an empty stomach.

Our offices might be closed for treatments, but we are here to answer any questions in which you may have regarding CoolSculpting. Please contact us to discuss your interest in CoolSculpting. 

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