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How MiraDry Works to Prevent Sweating

Most people experience underarm sweat as a symptom of nervousness, an unpleasant reaction to a hot climate, or as an effect of strenuous exercise. However, some people find themselves with sweaty underarms even in low-stress, everyday situations. If you experience excessive amounts of sweat on a regular basis, you’re not alone. In the United States, around 37 million people suffer from hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating.

If you have hyperhidrosis, it’s probably a significant inconvenience in your life. Excessive amounts of sweat can be seen as unsightly and unprofessional. It can also cause discomfort throughout the day. Luckily, there’s a permanent solution to hyperhidrosis:  MiraDry.

What is MiraDry?

MiraDry is an FDA-approved hyperhidrosis treatment that can significantly reduce the amount of underarm sweat that you typically produce. Given in a single appointment, MiraDry uses specialized thermal energy to locate and remove the sweat glands in your armpit, which don’t grow back after they’ve been eradicated.

MiraDry accomplishes sweat gland removal in a completely non-surgical way, so you won’t have to worry about prepping for surgery or taking time away from work to heal afterward. Though your underarm area may be slightly swollen and tender to the touch for the first few weeks after the procedure, you can return back to your normal schedule immediately after your appointment. Plus, you’ll start to notice a significant improvement in your underarm sweat right away.

What is the Procedure Like?

When you go into your MiraDry appointment, your technician will apply a general anesthetic to the underarm area to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible during the process. The MiraDry applicator will be pressed to the skin in order to apply a controlled flow of electromagnetic energy to the area, efficiently removing the sweat glands from your underarm. You should expect to experience a suction sensation with some warming and cooling feelings during this part of the procedure.

The thermal energy from the MiraDry handpiece will eliminate the sweat glands in your underarms, and your body will dispose of these glands naturally through its normal processes of homeostasis. No extraction of the sweat glands is necessary, which is why MiraDry is able to treat hyperhidrosis without the need for invasive surgery.

The entire MiraDry process takes about one hour. Most patients don’t experience anything more severe than a bit of slight tenderness and swelling in their underarm area immediately following the procedure. MiraDry recipients will often notice the difference in their underarm sweat from the moment they leave their appointment. This procedure is also permanent, so you won’t have to worry about coming back for weekly or monthly follow-ups.

Will MiraDry Prevent My Excessive Underarm Sweat?

According to a clinical study, MiraDry can reduce underarm sweat by about 82%. This means that you’ll no longer have to feel self-conscious in social and professional settings due to your hyperhidrosis. Instead, you can feel confident and comfortable going about your day-to-day life.

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