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How Long Does Emsculpt Last?

When we are looking to tone and tighten our muscles with expert help, one of the first things we often want to know is just how long those head-turning results are going to last for. For the latest craze in med spa fat burning treatments, EMSculpt has been a favorite among many for its unique and unparalleled capabilities. If you’re curious to learn more about this exciting treatment option, which can burn fat while toning specific regions of your body, we have a detailed breakdown for you, which also highlights approximately how long those results will last for you post-treatment.

What is EMSculpt?

Like CoolSculpting, EMSculpt is a non-invasive medical spa procedure that is designed to rid your body of excess stubborn fat. The difference is, EMSculpt possesses the unique ability to simultaneously work off your fat while toning it thanks to the thousands of tiny electromagnetic pulses that force supramaximal muscle contractions on your abdomen muscles during the procedure. The same method can also be used to tone the gluteal muscles with treatment. This safe procedure has been coined “the world’s first non-invasive butt lift.” Many are pleased with their EMSculpt treatments, which offer no downtime or pain associated with treatment. The cutting edge technology works beautifully to rid your body of unwanted fat while toning your body in under 30 minutes per treatment session.

What Makes Me the Ideal Candidate for EMSculpt?

If you are in good shape with minimal fat, you will reap the most benefits when it comes to EMSculpt treatment. It’s important to remember that EMSculpt is not a method for weight loss but to help you rid yourself of pesky fat, which has not responded to a healthy diet and adequate exercise. While it can boast amazing results, it’s important to be realistic if you are considering the treatment. If you’re looking for an extra definition to your abdomen, and a helpful lift to your buttocks that you cannot accomplish on your own, you just might be the perfect candidate for this exciting procedure.

How Long Will my EMSculpt Results Last?

Just as with any procedure, results may vary and are always unique to each and every individual. However, most people who receive EMSculpt treatments find that they see results almost immediately, with maximum results shown two to four weeks post-treatment. A treatment plan is often necessary to achieve maximum desired results. When it comes to long-lasting results, patients who maintain a healthy lifestyle and use EMSculpt as a way to push them closer to their body goals will see the best results as opposed to those who turn to EMSculpt treatments as upkeep. Remember, fat is fat. If you do not maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet, new fat can become a problem. Using EMSculpt treatments as a way to treat yourself and motivate you to stay committed to your body goals is the best way to make them last longer.

We Are Your Trusted New York EMSculpt Treatment Solution

We offer EMSculpt treatments in a relaxing and professional setting, so you feel welcomed throughout your service. We offer our patients in New York City years of experience and results that they’ll love, each and every time. If you’re ready to see if you’re a candidate for EMSculpt treatments, contact our office today to schedule your EMSculpt consultation.

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