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How Do Varicose Veins Occur?

Hi, Dr. Adam Goldman here, to speak to you today a little bit about varicose veins. The question that comes up is, “How do the varicose veins occur?” Basically, there are several predisposing factors. 


The most important is genetics. If your mother and father suffered from varicose veins, there is a good chance. Even if one parent, you have about a 50% chance; if two parents had it, there’s about a 90% chance you’ll get it. 


As well as extra weight: obesity is a cause in women. Higher estrogen levels, either through medications, or obviously pregnancy, could help worsen these varicose veins or make them appear.


And finally, these days, many people have a sedentary lifestyle. They’re not getting enough exercise. Their job or their life requires them or makes them, or they are voluntarily sitting for prolonged periods of time. That causes the blood to pool, and the varicose veins to come out.

Predisposing Factors

There is a predisposing factor, which is that the valves in the veins start to deteriorate. Over time, these are one-way valves that when you walk, there are no tone to the veins themselves. The way the blood is passed back up to the heart is that the calf muscles pump the blood back up. And in between, there are valves that close when you’re standing still to keep the blood on its way back to the heart. 

Over time, those valves become dysfunctional; they start to leak. The pressure starts to build up in the legs, and you start to get swelling or varicose veins as a result. This will continue often until the underlying problem is treated. 

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