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Here’s Why You Might Be Sweating So Much

It’s quite frustrating to sweat when you’re not exerting any energy. This is especially true at times when sweating is the last thing that you want to do. Here are some reasons why you might be sweating so much, and hopefully some solutions to stop it from taking over your everyday life.

Excess Sweating Can Offer Key Insights Into Your Health

Sweating is a completely normal and natural thing. We sweat to cool our bodies down so that our internal body temperature doesn’t get too high. When sweat evaporates, it cools down the body, dissipating the heat generated by your metabolism.

However, there are a few health conditions that can lead to excess sweating. 

Diabetes is a disease millions of Americans live with each day. This medical condition results in excess sweating as the body responds to low blood sugar. For those who experience sweating as a result of their diabetes, this excess sweating typically occurs at night.

Thyroid issues are another health condition that can directly result in more than normal sweating. Hyperthyroidism causes the thyroid to overwork, causing excess sweating as the body reacts to the overproduction.

Anxiety and Excess Sweating Go Hand-in-Hand

When our mind is racing, our hearts are likely beating much quicker than normal, too. This connection between your mind, and your body, only serves to increase the likeliness that you’ll experience excess sweating. Your body might begin to sweat in response to the increased heart rate you are experiencing as a result of anxiety. 

Breathing exercises or finding ways to occupy and put your mind at ease are the best methods for controlling your sweating brought on by anxiety.

Pregnancy and Menopause

It goes without saying that both pregnancy and menopause greatly affect your hormones. A disruption in your regular hormone balance is a recipe for sweating. 

With pregnancy, elevated hormones are likely to cause sweating. For menopause, the shifts in estrogen have a direct effect on the body’s natural methods for regulating your core temperature. This results in sweating and even flushed cheeks ( those famous hot flashes), as the body works to rapidly reduce internal temperature. 

Uncontrollable Sweating from Hyperhidrosis

Excess sweating is not uncommon, and neither is hyperhidrosis. If you are not experiencing any of the conditions listed above, your excess sweating could be a case of hyperhidrosis. Thankfully there is a proven treatment option called MiraDry, which can put an end to your excessive sweating for good.

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