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Fight Late Night Leg Cramps with Sclerotherapy

Leg cramps relieved by sclerotherapy in Yonkers, NY.

Leg cramps that occur at night can happen for a number of reasons ranging from underlying medical conditions to daily habits, such as sitting for extended periods of time. Understanding what is causing you to have these leg cramps can help you find effective treatment for them. Keep in mind that for causes linked to vein problems, sclerotherapy in Yonkers might help relieve these cramps.

Causes of Late Night Leg Cramps

Habits that you follow on a regular basis can cause you to have leg cramps at night. Spending a lot of time sitting or sitting with your legs crossed or with a leg tucked under your body can put affect blood flow and lead to leg cramps. Standing for long periods of time on a hard surface can also have an effect on blood flow and result in cramping at night. Putting too much strain on your leg by exercising or doing other activities can also cause you to have nocturnal leg cramps.

Some underlying medical conditions can cause your leg muscles to tighten up at night. These include pregnancy, dehydration and flat feet and other foot problems. Other medical conditions that can cause late night leg cramping include diabetes and other diseases that affect the endocrine system, Parkinson’s disease and neuropathy and other disorders that affect your neuromuscular system. Taking certain medications, such as diuretics or statins, can also increase your risk of cramping.

Conditions that affect your veins might also cause cramps at night. Other signs that you might have a venous disease include spider veins and varicose veins or leg swelling. If you have late night leg cramps, it’s important to have your legs checked for venous diseases. If you are diagnosed with one of these conditions, sclerotherapy is a treatment method that might help. This treatment is typically used for getting rid of spider veins and varicose veins. Your doctor can also provide you with other recommendations for treating venous diseases or any other underlying conditions you have that might be causing nocturnal leg cramps.

If you have leg cramps at night, sclerotherapy in Yonkers might provide you with relief. Contact Metropolitan Vein and Aesthetic Center for more information on our services.


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