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What is Emsculpt?

Take a moment to think about how much time it will take you to do 20,000 sit-ups. Are you imagining hundreds of hours of hard and sweaty work to get you to this milestone? Do you feel it would be impossible to even get to that high a number given your other commitments to work, family, and household duties? You are not alone in feeling intimated by this fitness goal, but luckily there are tools available to create an equivalent workout for your body in just a 30-minute time span.

Advances in aesthetic sciences have given patients across the globe a plethora of ways to achieve slimmer bodies.  New technologies, such as Coolsculpting, can freeze away fat cells so that patients can finally get rid of the fat that has long plagued their mid-section. SculpSure, on the other hand, uses laser energy to target and destroy the fat cells that contribute to unwanted bulges in a patient’s body. Both of these treatments work in their own right, but neither are meant to strengthen the muscles that will help give you an overall fitter appearance. This is where cutting edge treatments, such as Emsculpt, shines above all other treatments for fat reduction.

How Does Emsculpt Work?

Emsculpt is one of the most innovative fat reduction solutions on the market to date. Unlike liposuction, Emsculpt does not require anesthesia or invasive surgical procedures in order to deliver patients stunning results. The treatment which has been cleared by the FDA is designed to burn fat and strengthen muscles simultaneously. These two effects working in tandem help patients achieve more defined abs and bring forward the body they want faster and easier than ever before.

This groundbreaking procedure uses high-intensity electromagnetic energy to improve abdominal tone and strengthen muscle fibers. The technology is particularly remarkable because it induces 20,000 muscle contractions over the course of the 30-minute treatment session.

What to Expect During an Emsculpt Treatment

The treatment will feel like an intense workout but is much more effective at tightening the body than any other 30-minute workout. Patients shouldn’t expect any downtime associated with this treatment, and they typically see best results after a series of four treatments.

If you are interested in building muscle and tightening your body, then Emsulpt may just be the ticket to unlock your best body. The Metropolitan Vein and Aesthetic Center is a leading provider of advanced, safe and minimally-invasive treatment options. Contact us to learn more about our new Emsculpt procedure.

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