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Eliminating Underarm Sweat with MiraDry Helps Reduce Body Odor

If you regularly deal with excessive underarm sweat, it can become a significant hindrance in your day-to-day life. But, you should know that you’re not the only one. Roughly 20% of adults suffer from a condition called hyperhidrosis, which refers to abnormal sweating that’s typically unrelated to body temperature.

Most people with hyperhidrosis have developed certain habits to mitigate the effects of the condition. Some of these habits include only purchasing clothing made with breathable fabrics such as cotton, always keeping deodorant or antiperspirant nearby, or even choosing dark-colored clothing to hide unsightly stains. 

Many with hyperhidrosis even avoid exercise or outdoor activities in the sun due to fear of excessive sweating and unpleasant underarm odor. 

Fight Your Hyperhidrosis with MiraDry 

If you have hyperhidrosis, your solution has finally arrived. MiraDry is a revolutionary treatment for excessive sweating and body odor. It provides long-lasting relief without the need for invasive surgery or long recovery times. This treatment is FDA-approved and clinically proven to significantly reduce underarm sweating for good. 

How Does MiraDry Work? 

MiraDry is an entirely non-invasive treatment designed to gently remove the sweat glands from the underarms using advanced electromagnetic energy. 

When you come in for your treatment, you’ll be given a local anesthetic around your underarm area. Your provider will draw a grid to mark your sweat glands. Then, your doctor will glide the handheld MiraDry device over the treatment area to extract your sweat glands, a process that takes about 90 minutes in total. 

Most patients who receive MiraDry notice about an 80% decrease in underarm sweat and body odor after just one session, but many opt for a second session approximately three months later to decrease their sweat and odor levels even more. Generally, no further treatment is necessary after two sessions.

Another common solution for those with hyperhidrosis is Botox delivered to the underarm area. However, these treatments have to be re-administered every six months to remain effective. With MiraDry, your excessive sweating will be all but gone within one to two pain-free treatments. 

How Does the Treatment Prevent Body Odor? 

If foul odor from your underarms is an issue for you, MiraDry is an effective and completely safe option to help ease your symptoms and give you peace of mind. 

Body odor is typically caused by the buildup of bacteria in places where sweat forms. If you remove the sweat glands from your underarms using MiraDry, you take away the bacteria’s ability to grow there. This decreases the amount of underarm odor significantly. 

The apocrine gland—which is a type of gland that produces odor and sweat and is found in breasts, skin, eyelids, and ears—is removed along with the sweat glands during MiraDry treatments. Therefore, you can rest assured that foul underarm odor will no longer be an issue for you after your treatment.

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